5 of The Most Colorful Places in The World

Most cities offer a grim perspective, with tall buildings painted in gray. From time to time you can spot a colored wall or some graffiti art, but that’s about it when it comes to colors. In Eastern Europe the view is very, very gray:


Needless to say, on a rainy day the view is depressing. Luckily, there are still people who like to see colors around them, so they paint their buildings in bright shades of blue, yellow or pink. Here is a list of the most colorful places in the world.

Procida, Italy

The small island of Procida is located in the Bay of Naples, South Italy and attracts hundreds of tourists mid-season. But once the crowds are gone, the beautiful island welcomes you with bright colors and a peaceful lifestyle. The locals still fish for a living and the kids play on the narrow streets. The entire place has an authentic feel.


Valparaiso, Chile

Tourists rarely go to Valparaiso, which is one of the most colorful cities in Chile. The buildings captivate everyone, even if the lack of attractions in the area might deter most people. The town is deeply artistic, from the chic cafes to the street art. The architecture is amazing, so you can spend hours on end walking on the cobbled streets and admiring the city.


Tenby, Wales

Tenby is one of those picturesque British towns, set on the coast. The locals take their boats out for fishing, then they enjoy their catch inside one of the local cafes. The buildings are colored in bright shades, which adds to the town’s charm. The city has a rich history, which can be explored in one of the local museums.


Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a 500 year old city, filled with amazing architecture. Churches and large mansions stand witness to the rich history of this town, located in the middle of a volcano trio. In the middle of the city there are many 17th and 18th century ruins, but next to them you can find many restaurants and cafes. The entertainment comes to you each evening: the locals enjoy gathering in the plaza and throwing parties.


Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco is known for its amazing culture and colorful buildings, so there is little wonder this is where you can find an entire blue city. Chefchaouen is painted in blue! Not only the houses, but everything, from the stairs to the streets, is bright blue. There are many legends regarding how this city got its unique color, but at the end of the day no one knows for sure what made the locals paint everything in the same color. But it doesn’t really matter, because Chefchaouen offers amazing views and plenty of things to do.


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