5 Ways Traveling Makes You Mentally Stronger

Most travelers share with their followers their experiences. Their social media channels are filled with wonderful pictures of the nature, animals and perfect moments. But traveling is not all sweets and roses: it’s tough!

The bad parts of traveling never get posted on social media, so before you actually travel and see for yourself how hard life can be on the road, you have no idea what to expect. Especially when you visit a country that went through a lot of political chaos, like many countries in Asia or Africa. Tourists who come and go, without any desire to know the locals don’t experience the real struggle of traveling to such a place. But for long-term travelers, expats and those who want to live like the locals, not having the comfort of a reliable WiFi connection, a meal that doesn’t make your stomach go on strike and a toilet, make life harder than they expected. These are only some of the challenges of a long term traveler, the challenges which change you in many ways, toughening you up.

You become more adaptable

Being exposed to places with different culture and different habits makes you a highly adaptable person. Some travelers think they would never be able to adapt to a country where entire families ride one small bike, without helmets. But guess what? After several days in Cambodgia, for example, they become so accustomed to this, they begin to consider it the norm. Traveling has a way to turn even the most reluctant and conservative person into an adaptable, flexible individual.

Comfort becomes a relative concept

At home comfort is being able to cuddle with your favorite blanket on the couch, watching Netflix. On the road, comfort is having edible food and a basic bed. When you travel for a long time you change your perspective on what is comfortable. You realize what is really important for you and what is not, so many hard concepts become relative ones, comfort being one of them.


You only have yourself to rely on

Even if you travel with friends or your partner, you start to rely on yourself. One of the worst situations is being in a foreign country, without your smartphone, with no idea how to return home. And this is only one of the many unpleasant situations that might rise during traveling. You can’t call for help, you need to find the solution on your own, which really toughens you up. After some time, you turn into a very resourceful individual, which is beneficial for both your travels and your daily life at home.

You learn your real priorities

Finding a balance between work and travel is not easy; in fact, you have to balance a third element: your own life! Juggling these three is hard and you will quickly learn to prioritize them. You learn your limits and you learn when to save your time for the really important things.

You learn who you are

Traveling gives you a lot of time to reflect on you, people you meet and the world. Day by day, you will ask yourself lots of questions and the answers will tell you who you are and why you chose to travel the world.

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