6 Things To Do In Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, an Eastern Europe country that offers amazing architecture,

wild reservations and lots of contrasting lifestyles. The country was under communism for five decades and the marks of this regime are still highly visible in Bucharest. However, the city offers lots of interesting things to do for a tourist.

Try the local dishes

Romania has an amazing cuisine, rich in pork and delicious dishes. One of the places where you can eat traditional dishes is the restaurant Caru Cu Bere, located on Lipscani street, in the Old City Centre. Mamaliga cu smantana, mici, sarmale, slanina with onion and palinca are some of the staple foods in Romania. The country also has great wines, so make sure to indulge in the best at the restaurant.

Visit Palace of Parliament and attend a concert in the Constitution Square

Romanian Palace of Parliament is among the biggest constructions in the world, only rivaled by the Versailles. Despite the fact it now houses the Chamber of Deputies, the Palace is visitable. In front of the Palace there is a big square where large events are organized. The Square saw big names in the music industry, as well as rallies and the largest wedding fair in the country.

Attend Enescu Festival

George Enescu was a highly talented Romanian composer and each year a musical festival is held in his honor. The event takes place in multiple theaters in Bucharest, as well as the Athenaeum. It gathers the most talented classical music players and it’s an event worth seeing and hearing.

Enjoy a cafe at Meow

Moew is the first cat cafe in Bucharest, where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with cats. The establishment houses dozens of cats. The clients can pet them, play with them and adopt them, if they fall in love with one of the fluffy residents.

Explore the Cotroceni district

One of the most beautiful districts of Bucharest is Cotroceni, where the Cotroceni Palace (residence of the Romanian president) and museum is located. In this district there is the University of Medicine, Elefterie Church and the Botanical Garden. The architecture in the area is amazing, even if many of the buildings are now decaying.

Clubbing in Regie

Around the Politehnica University there is an area known as Regie, that houses many student dormitories. The area is very lively, especially when the night falls, as there are many clubs and the nightlife is thriving. Being a student area, in Regie you can find the cheapest drinks and foods. In other words, you can party the night away with minimum investment.

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