6 Things you need to know about Bali

The entire world fell in love with Bali when Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love found her way on the island. The beaches, the lush rainforest, crystal clear waters and a vibrant culture – Bali, in one word. The movie showed amazing images and the real place is just as wonderful. But there are also parts which can’t be seen in the movie. Things you need to know about Bali, before you step on the island.

Befriend a local to get the spirituality out of Ubud

If you want to discover the spiritual side of Bali, you want to know about self-growth and yoga workshops. The people who know where these events take place are the locals. Befriend locals and ask them for their favorite Ubud spiritual events and places.

Some beaches turn into trash pits in the rainy season

In the rainy season, from October to April, the heavy rains wash the entire area. Unfortunately, this means they will carry the waste from the highly populated areas to Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach. The two beaches become filled with trash, so you should avoid them and head towards other beaches.

You can stay with a local family

Locals in Bali live in buildings called karangs. They are built and decorated according to Hinduism rules and usually accommodate multiple generations. You can stay with a local family and admire the amazing architecture all day long with as little as $19 per night. Most homes have their own temple, sculptures and pools, so they resemble a little SPA.

Monkeys are rude thieves

Bali is filled with monkeys. They are great, until they steal your things. Which happens all the time and you quickly learn to hold on to your items really good. Because they are so clever, they can easily open cans or zippers, so you must to be creative if you want to keep your things. When a monkey steals your food – this is what they steal most often – you should call it a day, because they are not afraid to bite.

Yoga class pass comes with many perks

Bali is the capital of yoga classes, so you will be able to enjoy as many classes as you want to. A yoga class pass, which costs around $5 and includes 20 classes, gives you access to many more classes, from tai chi to meditation ad capoeira.

Uber is legal but dangerous

Uber is legal in Bali, but the local taxi drivers hate it, because it is cheaper. As a result, the area is filled with signs which say Uber is illegal. Also, there are many taxi drivers who attempt to hurt Uber drivers. You can easily get caught in the middle, so make sure you are away from taxi drivers when you enter an Uber.

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