A Vampire Hunter’s Guide To Romania

Now that all things creepy, Halloween related are gone, we can focus on something serious. Like where you can find a vampire. Bran castle, from Romania, is the place to go for all vampire hunters, because it’s presumably the place where Dracula lived. Bad news: Bran castle has nothing to do with Dracula.

To find a vampire you need to travel to a place no one else had traveled before. Sounds reasonable, right? After all, where would you hide if you were a vampire? The most obvious answer is in plain sight, where people can take you as an introvert and stop chasing you with holy water and spikes. This means you should hunt for a vampire in unlikely places, like the ones in this list.


The capital of Romania, Bucharest is a crowded, gray city. Dirty and unwelcoming for tourists, it offers plenty of hideout for vampires. The new part of the city is always noisy and crowded during the day, but when the night falls the hustle and bustle moves into the Old City Center. Cobblestone streets, ancient buildings with a vintage vibe and falling roofs. Dozens of pubs, crowded with locals who indulge in the delicious traditional foods. Pretty, just the place where a vampire would hide. The locals are friendly, so you can easily mingle with them and learn where you can find your next “victim”.


Cluj is the capital of Transylvania region and has the looks of an old German town. American tourists often say Cluj is the flattened version of San Francisco. People are relaxed and don’t rush, by comparison to Bucharest, where everyone is on a hurry. Cluj has great architecture and you definitely need to explore it by foot. Even if you don’t find a vampire, you will enjoy visiting this city.


Timisoara’s city center is similar to a large park, lined with shops where you can find the latest couture fashion from Paris. The city is a cultural hub and has an international vibe, thanks to the fact it’s located near the border between Romania and Hungary. The locals often travel to Hungary or Austria, which makes them more organized than other Romanians. As a result, Timisoara is more organized than Bucharest. Despite the wide opening to the rest of Europe, the large cathedral that oversees the big central boulevard of the city is the proof that tradition is still deeply rooted in the local’s hearts.

Could you find a vampire in Timisoara? Definitely!

If vampires managed to stay far from you, it might be the perfect time to explore the wild rural areas in Romania. High in the Carpathians, where remote villages are inaccessible from autumn until end of spring, due to heavy snowing and an acute lack of reliable roads, vampires might lurk in the shadow. Just ask one of the locals who live the same way their grandparents lived, centuries ago.

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