Beautiful Bolivia!

On my trek through South America I could not skip going through Bolivia. For one, it’s one of the least expensive places on the continent to visit. You’d be comfortable spending less than $50 a day for food and lodging, and even at El Salar de Uyuni, one of the most incredibly awesome places in the world, everything is still affordable.

The views at El Salar de Uyuni were incredible, as you can see. Bolivia stole my heart, and hasn’t given it back yet. Salar de Uyuni is the biggest salt flat in the world, at more than 10,ooo square kilometers or 4,ooo square miles. More than half of all the lithium in the world can be found here. The number might actually be closer to three quarters, I guess they are still finding out. So if you have any gadgets that use lithium batteries, you have this place to thank for that. Since they are salt flats, this place also contains great amounts of sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Bolivia Salar de Uyuni

Huayna Potosi Bolivia

One very special place that my partner wanted to visit is Bolivia’s Train Cemetery –the great train graveyard where Bolivia’s trains of old go to die. For what is essentially a junkyard, this place is fascinating! 

Found at the outskirts of Uyuni, which used to be a transport hub of sorts, for the whole continent. When the different countries all sort of fell out, even the transport sector was affected, and these trains were all abandoned. Well trains + salty wind = rust and corrosion, which you’ll see on the trains. They’re eerily beautiful. Pro tip: go when there are the least number of visitors and tourists so you’ll feel the ambience of abandonment even more keenly. 

Bolivia Train Cemetery


I know there are so many more places to go to in Bolivia but for the short time I got to visit Uyuni, my heart and mind had more than enough!

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