Even More Street Foods You Need To Try In South America

I couldn’t help from writing another article about the amazing street food of South America, so here are more great meals you can enjoy on the go. This time, I chose to make a nice roundup of all the countries where you can find cheap and tasty meals in the street.


Hot dogs are not what you would expect from Chile, but they have their own version of this popular American food. Cheap and filling, a long bun stuffed with a long sausage is the Chilean version of the hot dog. But, the locals top them with mashed avocado and mayo. Yummy!

Sopaipillas are flat cornbread deep fried and served with tomato salsa and chili. However, you can eat them with whatever you like – my favorite mix is sopaipillas, tuna and mashed avocado.

Paila marina is in fact a fish and seafood stew, but thanks to the locals’ belief that it has amazing aphrodisiac powers, this strew is very popular. You can find it at every street corner. It is made from clams, mussels, shrimps, tomato, onions and parsley, then seasoned with paprika.


Brazil is the heaven of street food, so there are many great meals you can find on the road. From all the yummy dishes I chose only three, which always make me think about the core of Brazil. For me, these are the dishes which define the country.

Coxinhas are fried balls of shredded chicken, served with tomato salsa. The little balls are delicious and keep you full for a long time.

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil and it’s a black beans strew made from pork, beef and chili, cooked in a clay pot. The mix is cooked slow, until the meat becomes tender and the flavors blend in nicely. The strew can be served as it is or with various side dishes.

Tapioca omelette is another very popular street food in Brazil. Tapioca is a light and crispy pancake with a filling. You can stuff these pancakes with almost anything, depending on your wish, from coconut to cheese and ham, even seafood.


Tacos have to be the national street food of Mexico. They are nothing like the tacos you know from other parts of the world, as they are small tortilla breads made from wheat, with a variety of fillings. You might have to eat multiple tacos to satisfy your hunger, but they are affordable.

Tlayudas con carne can’t be found everywhere, as they are popular in Oaxaca, but they are a tasty variation to tacos. Made from a crispy tortilla and stuffed with cooked meat, cheese, salad and avocado, topped with mayo, tlayudas are a filling snack. Like everything in Mexico, they are usually very spicy!

Platanos fritos are a favorite street food from El Salvador, but I found them in Mexico. They are essentially fried bananas with a caramel coating. No wonder they are a favorite breakfast!

Tamales are also popular all around South America, but they come from Ecuador. I ate them in Colombia and I loved them. Tamales are made from cornmeal, spinach and spicy meat, wrapped in corn leaf, which makes them easy to eat on the go.

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