Hiking and Trekking in Argentina

True confessions. I did not go to Argentina to see beautiful cities or the nightlife or anything glamorous like that. All in all, I think I spent only two nights in the capital, Buenos Aires, which where the first day I arrived and the day before I left. 

Cities are wonderful, please don’t get me wrong. But I live in a city of millions of people, and when I travel I like to get away from crowds and tall buildings and cars and all that. When I get away, I make sure I REALLY get away–as far off the beaten path as I possibly can.

And Argentina did not disappoint me one bit.


I came to Argentina for nature, especially to climb mountains, to hike, to breathe. But I had to stop at this sign that pointed to mountains all over the world, because I didn’t know that Mount Kilimanjaro had been moved from Tanzania to Kenya! 

This misguided sign was seen in El Calafate, in Patagonia.


So, instead of Buenos Aires, I went to Patagonia. It’s at the southernmost tip of the whole continent of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile. There aren’t a lot of people around normally, and since I traveled during the cold season, there were even fewer people than normal. Patagonia was my jumping point to get to Antarctica, but of course I stopped for a few days to take a look around.

And got rewarded by a perfect rainbow.

rgentina El Chalten

En route to Patagonia we stopped by El Chalten, which is Argentina’s trekking capital. Were we cold? You better believe it. Nevertheless, it was breathtakingly beautiful, serene and even a little eerie in the late afternoon.

Tierra Del Fuego Argentina

I think Argentina will always be the land of rainbows for me.

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