How To Cut Down The Waiting Time At Baggage Claim

One of the biggest problems of frequent travelers is the time we spend at the security lines, before the takeoff. And the time we spend waiting for our luggage. While we can’t do anything about security, we can try a number of tips to cut down the time we spend waiting to retrieve our bags.

Travel + Leisure made a list with the most effective techniques you can use to minimize this time.

First, you can make sure you are among the last people to check in. This will mean your bags are going to be the last uploaded in the plane and the first taken out. Even if different airlines use different methods to load and unload the bags, you can still try this simple trick.

Upgrading your flight can be another method to get your bags quicker. Business class travelers’s luggage is usually stored in a different place than regular traveler’s bags. When the bags are unloaded from the plane, these bags are unloaded first.

A “fragile” sticker can also help you get your bag quicker, as long as it belongs to the airline you are traveling with and is new. Most companies load and unload fragile luggage first. You should also make sure the bag looks like it contains something fragile. If you put the sticker on a random, textile bag, it won’t get the best treatment, so instead, pick a hard suitcase. Also, the better your luggage looks, the better it will be treated. Hard-shell bags and musical instrument cases look like they are protecting something very important, so they usually get pampered.

Apart from learning how to cut down the waiting time for your luggage, here are some other tips related to bags. Having the fragile tag on the bag is only part of the game – your luggage needs to convince the people who load the planes that it deserves the VIP treatment.

Make sure your bag has plenty of handles. The more strategically placed handles it has, the better it will be handled. Luggage handlers love handles, which help them protect their own backs and the bag. If the suitcase has a top, side and bottom handle, it won’t be tossed around carelessly.

Do get an insurance for your bags. It’s best to pay extra attention to your bag, pack fragile items, like perfume bottles in boxes and place them in the middle of the suitcase and ensure the bag has plenty of handles. However, bad things happen and sometimes luggage is lost. The best way to be prepared for everything is to have your things insured. Buy an insurance that covers your stuff, so even if something gets broken or your suitcases are lost, you can recover the loss.

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