Let’s talk about sex on the road

Most of us, travelers talk about dating and romancing on the road, but few people take the bull by the horns and talk about the realities of sex on the road. What made me write this article are not my own experiences beneath the sheets, despite some of these tips came from them, but other people’s experiences. In other words, the fact I once had to spend the night beneath a humping couple made me write this.

Never get sexy in a shared room

I was at a guest house in Argentina, sharing the room with a couple of young students and a man from Amsterdam. We had bunk beds and the young student was sitting right on top of me. After we turned the lights off, her partner jumped in her bed and they started to make out!

It was gross and more than impolitely!

When you want to have sex, get a private room, folks!

Have couple of condoms with you

I was lucky enough to find my partner in a foreign country, so now we travel together. When we decide to get a room for two, we always prefer to have our own condoms, bought from home. We learned this since we had to buy condoms from Chile and my poor husband had a rash from them (they contained spermicide).

All in one, you should always have your own pack of condoms. Make sure they are heat-proof (natural latex usually degrades from hot weather) and that you keep them in a place safe from damage. Another good reason to have your own condoms is because lots of countries have different safety rules, which might mean you could find low quality condoms at the counter.

Be smart with your birth control

If you are a woman, make sure to have your birth control pills with you. Buying them locally might not be an option, so use them carefully.

Get tested on every suspicion of STD

When you are in a foreign country you need to be very careful not to get a STD. As there might be different strains of STDs in a certain part of the world, you have to make sure you notice every potential symptom and get tested if you suspect anything. The sooner you get your treatment, the better for your health.

To make sure you won’t get in trouble, you can also get tested regularly, even if this might be a hassle in some countries.

Keep your adventures under control

Being on the road, away from home, boosts your adventurous nature and makes you try out new things, which you would never do back home. This is also valid for relationships and sex. Before you try out something new, think about the risks involved in that activity.

The lack of inhibitions we feel on the road can quickly backfire and put us in danger. One of my friends decided to try the services of a sex worker when he was visiting Amsterdam. Despite the fact most women working in that field are healthy, my friend got herpes. Auch!

Know your options

If you do get a STD or you get pregnant, you have to know your options. Different countries have different rules regarding healthcare and contraception. Before you travel to a country, get as much information as possible about the local healthcare system.

Obey the local laws

There are countries where you are not allowed to kiss in public and countries where you can do whatever you want. When you travel, obey the local laws regarding intimacy. Failure to do so might result in harsh punishments. For example, in Sudan you can get executed if you cross the law more than three times. There are also many countries with specific LGBT laws, so get information on them before you book your flight.

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