Road Trip Discovery—National Parks and the Grand Canyon

If you love road trips, you have to promise yourself that you’ll hit the road to visit the Grand Canyon at least once in your life, and why not pass by the glorious national parks in Utah along the way? I promise that you will be impressed, amazed and astonished at the natural beauty these places will show you. Breathtaking and splendid are understatements.

What, you don’t believe me?

Read on.


Why not start with an eerie, otherworldly experience at Goblin Valley State Park? People have actually compared the landscape here to that of the planet Mars! You can explore the valley of Goblins, pictured above, on foot, as the whole area is only six miles in all. Discover these small structures for yourself and make up a story as to why they’re there.


NorthWindowAtlasNat Park

Next on the list is Atlas National Park. You have to take a short walk to see the Delicate Arch, but the view is well worth it.  And then, mosey on down to the North Window, and look through it to see the Turret Arch. Amazing, right? Makes you wonder whose hands formed these majestic structures. 


Next up is Escalante National Park. Walk though crevasses so small that you’ll barely fit in them. And whatever you do, don’t miss the grand staircase.


From there, go on to Bryce Canyon National Park. If this doesn’t take your breath away, I don’t know what will. Bryce Canyon isn’t actually a canyon, but a whole bunch of amphitheatres that occurred naturally. Cool, huh?



And then–the queen of all Canyons. The Grand Canyon. By now you’ll have crossed from Utah to Arizona, and I hope someone in the vehicle yelled, “Two states” as you went over the state line. This place has been two billion years in the making, and it is nothing short of spectacular.



And for the grand finale–Yellowstone National Park. End your trip on a high note with this amazingly beautiful place. Even in black and white, Yellowstone is still pretty magnificent, isn’t it?

So–take a break from the rat race. Go for a long, leisurely drive and discover the beauty of nature for yourself in some of America’s spectacular National Parks.



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