Surreal Swimming Holes You Have To Visit In Yucatan

Mexico is a lovely country, offering beautiful nature, rich culture, great food and friendly people. And there is something else you will enjoy in Mexico. In the Yucatan area there are dozens of cenotes. These are natural swimming pools, created when the limestone bedrock collapsed hundreds of years ago, leaving the crystal clear water behind. In the Yucatan peninsula there are more than 300 miles of interconnected cenotes, which make an unique ecosystem.

The water in the cenotes is always clear, thanks to the natural filtering of the limestone. Cenotes make great swimming pools, especially since the waters are filled with natural minerals and provide amazing views from the top.

Gran Cenote

This cenote is the most popular one, especially among scuba divers. It has amazing stalactites and stalagmites inside it, which create intricate structures. You can swim in the cenote or rent a snorkeling set to explore it.

Ponderosa Cenote

Ponderosa is often called Jardin del Eden, which translates to Garden of Eden. Like Grand cenote and other cenotes, it was used by the Maya people to communicate with their Gods. This often implied a human sacrifice. Today, the locals still believe the spirits of the dead return to our world to send messages to the living at this cenote.


The clear waters of this cenote are illuminated by a hole in the top. Tree roots descend into the depths of this pool, making it look like it just popped out of a fairy tale.


This cenote is also illuminated by a small hole on the top, which makes the place look amazing. It also has an amazing ensemble of stalactites and stalagmites, which make the pool look magical.

Cenote Azul

The water in this cenote is shallower, so there are plenty of kids swimming in it, even if it’s the least known cenote on this list. It’s name comes from the blue waters, which are going to mesmerize you with their shade.

Cenote Chelentun

In this cenote you can swim and explore the caves, which is sure to keep you busy for some time.

Chansinic’che cenote

This is the smallest cenote on this list, so you have to work a little to visit it. You can only enter via the small hole on the top and you then have to descend on the stairs to reach the waters. But you won’t be disappointed!

Zaci cenote

Zaci is located in the town of Valladolid, so it’s easy to take a dive and then enjoy the local dishes at the near-by restaurant.

Suytun cenote

At this cenote you can admire the natural wonder of this swimming pool and enjoy the dance show created by local students.

Yaxbacaltun cenote

This cenote offers a more extreme type of fun, as you can descend to it rappelling from the walls. Once there, you can admire the ecosystem or swim from one side to the other.

In all the cenotes it’s forbidden to swim with sunshade on or any other product, as the officials want to preserve and protect the ecosystem. In some cenotes you are only allowed to dive after taking a shower.

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