The Reasons Why I Love Croatia

When you want to visit Europe you plan a trip to Italy, England, Greece or France. Maybe Austria, if you like to enjoy the Alps. But there is another country you should be visiting: Croatia! Located in the Balkans, it has everything you could dream of: Game of Thrones-worthy towns, delicious seafood, lovely beaches with crystal-clear water and fancy wines. The northwestern part of the country has Italian vibes, the eastern part could pass as Austria and the southern part is pure Mediterranean bliss. I made a list of all the reasons that made me love this scenic place.

The beaches

Croatia’s beaches can easily rival with the Caribbean beaches. You will find white sand and clear waters, perfect for a hot summer day. Apart from other places, in Croatia you can also have the beach to yourself – outside cities you can find empty beaches to enjoy alone.

The market

Open air markets that are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, plus the healthy olive oil are one of the biggest attractions in Croatia. You can also find plenty of honey and cheese. Because the country is open to the Adriatic, seafood is also available, fresh from the fisherman’s nest. Few people know that Croatia makes excellent wine. Look for the usual “culprits”, but make sure to taste the local varieties.

The best thing about these markets is that all the products come from local farmers, so they are healthier and cheaper than the ones you can find in the stores.

Ancient ruins and medieval towns

Romans left Croatia with lots of ancient ruins, so you can find temples, amphitheaters and palaces in Croatia. Most of these ruins are in pristine condition – especially when you compare them to the Italian ruins – so you will be able to enjoy a walk back in time.

Croatia’s medieval towns are also famous, partially because the crew of Game of Thrones chose some of them for the filming. Dubrovnik, Hvar, Motovun and Zadar are some of the most beautiful medieval towns in Croatia.

Adventure is all around you

For those who are not interested in food and old towns, Croatia offers lots of outdoor activities. There are eight national parks you can visit and lots of places where you can hike. The sea also provides opportunities for diving and other marine adventures, so be ready to enjoy the nature.

Croatia has many small islands where you can relax and enjoy the view or go kayaking. The islands are easily accessible by ferry.

The weather

Thanks to its location, Croatia has a beautiful weather. It’s almost always warm and sunny, so you can mind your own businesses without fear of rain or cold weather. Because it’s always sunny, the place will almost definitely make you smile, just because you will rarely see a cloud on the blue sky.

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