Together for better and for worse – 5 ways traveling brings couples together

When you see an old couple who lost the spark you swear you will never end up like that. But you do, because we all end up like that, eventually. The busy schedule and long hours of work take their toll and before you know, a date transforms from going to a posh restaurant to ordering pizza and rocking Netflix. How can you recover the spark? By traveling!

1. Together for better and for worse

When you are traveling with your partner you get to see them in their best and worst moments. When you are in a foreign country, which has a different culture and a different language, you have to rely on yourself on each step. This can be very stressful, as well as rewarding. When your partner is there, and you see them both on their best moments, sharing the joy, and on their worst, your relationship will strengthen.

2. You have time to talk

The daily life leaves us with little time to talk, but when you are traveling you have all the time you could want to talk to your partner. This is the perfect moment to discover new things about them and share everything you want with them. This will build trust between the two of you. When you get to know your partner on such an intimate level, you will be able to understand them better.

3. You are forced to work as a team

When you travel, you have to work as a team, in order to overcome obstacles. This is a great moment to discover each others strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are as bad as orientation as I am, but your partner can find his way even if someone would leave him in the middle of the desert, work together to find the right path. Learning how to be a team is going to help you strengthen your relationship and when you return home you will be able to function better as a couple.

4. Sharing your experience

When you travel alone one of the biggest challenges is the inability to share your experiences with your loves ones. When you are with your partner, you can enjoy the unique moments 100%, as you get to share them with your significant other. Just because you are together when something valuable for you happens will strengthen the emotional bond you have.

5. You can invent new habits

When you watch the sunset at Taj Mahal you might come up with the idea of watching the sunset every year in a new country, at the same date. Or something else! The beauty of traveling is that you discover new passions and new things to do, which eventually bring you closer. Many travelers discover their passion for photography, which they continue to pursue when they return home. You might even decide to change your career.

Anything can happen on the road, but when you are with your partner, you get to enjoy every moment to the fullest, be it a bad or a good moment. This will create a special kind of trust between you, which will consolidate you as a couple.

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