Travel accounts on Snapchat you must follow

Social media made it easier for everyone to share their traveling experiences and inspire others to visit certain places. Nowadays travelers have the luxury to be able to share their videos and photos on the go and chat with their loves ones whenever they can find a working connection.

This means there are plenty of travel accounts you should be following to get your share of travel inspiration. In this article I’ve listed the best Snapchat travel accounts.


Kate McCulley’s Snapchat account is focused on solo women travel. Her adventures include Brooklyn cafes, Southeast Asia and many more awesome places. She also has a blog with the same name.


Kiersten is a blonde who loves to travel and share her adventures online. She visited dozens of countries and she tried multiple types of traveling. On her social media account you can see travel stories on glamping, solo travel, couple travel and volunteering.


Matt is a professional photographer, so you are going to see outstanding images from his trips on his Snapchat. The places he visits are not plain either, so expect to fall in love with this account.


What’s better than traveling the world? Traveling the world with your partner! Hannah and Adam are two of the lucky people who share the wanderlust bug. After getting married, the duo quit their jobs and started their new adventure.

Yvan Rodic aka @mrfh

Rodic is a professional photographer specialized in street photography. He is always traveling to a new place in order to take the perfect picture of the local street art. His Snapchat is a collection of artistic trends from all around the world.


Erin Bender, the traveler behind this account, shares her family stories via social media. If you’ve ever wondered how it is to travel with your family, here is the place to find the answers. Erin travels with her husband and two kids, so there are plenty of things to snapchat about.

Traveling the world looks great for someone back home, but there are plenty of unpleasant things on the road. Alyssa likes to show everyone behind the scenes shots on her Snapchat, where she posts everything that never ends up on her perfect Instagram account.


Tom also likes to show what’s behind his perfect Instagram photos, so his Snapchat is filled with funny moments. Snorkeling, sipping cocktails and having a beer with the locals are all part of the day for this traveler.


Gloria is another active traveler who likes to share her experiences with other travelers. Her sense of humor makes every post hilarious, so you won’t be able to stay sad while browsing her stories.


Edna loves to snap about delicious foods and drinks, so you will be inspired to travel the world for the best bites. She is usually traveling between Asia and Europe, so there is plenty of material in her hands.

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