Traveling is like love and here is why

One day I made a realization: traveling is like love. Because countries are like people. You can fall in love with them, hate them, be disappointed in them… the same happens with humans. You can have great expectations from a place, only to discover it is completely different from what you thought it will be. Sounds familiar? Yeah, the same happens with guys you fall in love with.

You will fall in love with a place

Forever! In my case, it was a remote little village in Romania, where I hope to return one day, buy a traditional house and spend the rest of my days. For my friends, that village is not appealing at all, but for me it’s perfect. When it comes to men, the same thing is valid: no one can understand why I love a certain man. They always tell me “What did you saw in him?”- the exact same thing they say about my lovely village.

You can also fall out of a place

I was in Vienna. The town conquered me from the first moment and I was eager to discover every inch of it. But after the initial bloom of love, it all faded out. After a while, I began to notice only the negative things about the city. Vienna was not the same for me. I’ve been to all the wonderful places I’ve always wanted to see. It was done – my love affair with the city was done. I couldn’t find the same joy in it, so I packed my things and moved on. When the charm of a place fades out on you, don’t try to make it last, just move on. The same thing happens in relationships: sometimes, the burning, passionate love fades out and you have to call it a day. No regrets!

You can love one thing

This happens all the time when you travel: you only like one thing from a place. It can be the food or the architecture or something else. But the rest of the town is completely horrible. A friend of mine often says her perfect place has the architecture of Freiburg, the food from Ikaria and the people from Sapa. Just like the perfect man has dark hair, black eyes and a huge bank account.

You can find the city you never get enough of

Sometimes you arrive in a place that entices you. The food, the streets, the past-times, all are challenging and inspirational. And they piss the crap out of you, but you love it. These are the places where we return again and again, finding them fresh each time. They have new challenges each time, they are always new.

You might have to decide whether to stay and give it another chance or just walk away

That’s where traveling really resembles your love life. You might find a place from which you want to leave. Everything is so plain and boring or simply unpleasant, that you want to get out as soon as possible. The problem is… some places need a second chance.

How can you know which town deserves that second look and which one doesn’t?

It’s all a game of intuition! If the desire to leave is too much, you just have to give up and leave. These are the places that might break your heart. If you feel you might be able to discover something, stay. Stay and give it a chance. There are places where you just have to insist before they reveal their true self to you.

Another huge similarity between love and traveling: the spark is not there all the time. Even if you do love to travel and see the world, there are times when you just want to stop and go home. The hard part is to overcome these days and carry on traveling, even if not every day is amazing. This will make you a better person and a true traveler.

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