What I learned dating someone who spoke another language

Traveling the world is amazing, but it comes with a huge drawback: you can’t exactly sustain a relationship on the road. There are lucky people who manage to find their partner while traveling and they continue to travel, as a couple. But most of us travel alone and have to date on the road. No, we don’t have to, but we do it because we want to!

While traveling in Brazil I had the opportunity to participate in a speed dating challenge. I was accompanied by a friend, who was really enthusiast at the idea, so we both went to the speed dating event. I was reluctant, while she was hoping to meet someone. She didn’t met anyone, but I did.

His name was Lucas and he was the most handsome man I’ve ever dated. The relationship with Lucas started as nothing more than a flick, a challenge for my femininity. We ended up married, but that’s another story.

The point is, Lucas taught me a lot about relationships and dating someone from another culture. There are many benefits and just as many disadvantages. But if you find the right person, it’s all worth the effort.

You learn the local language

Learning a new language from your lover is the easiest thing ever. No textbook can possible teach you better! Because you have to talk to each other and you enjoy doing it, you will learn much quicker the other one’s language.

Learn from each other actually solidifies your relationship

Speaking of learning, when your partner comes from a different culture and speaks a different language you can teach each other a lot of things. As you do this, both of you practice the foreign language. Because you are not afraid to make mistakes, you will be able to enjoy this time. As you will misspell something, you will have fun about it, creating precious moments for the future.

You will get to know each other by food and traditions

When your partner comes from another culture you will be able to get to know each other by food and traditions. For example, I made Lucas my favorite desert, pancakes. This is how he learned that I know how to cook. When he made me pao de queijo I learned he couldn’t cook, but he loved cheese. This is only one example of all the things we discovered about each other by doing things which came from our culture. Our traditions also taught us a lot about each other.

You might get in trouble due to miscommunication

If you are like me and Lucas and you don’t speak your partner’s language, you can easily get into a lot of miscommunications. For example, I once told him I was going to call on Sunday – this was what I thought I said. In fact, I told him I was going to call on Saturday. Of course, he got mad, expecting my call on Saturday. These little miscommunications are a huge obstacle in your relationship. You can easily say something offending or completely miss the point of a conversation.

Your relationship develops along with your language skills

Reading this article again I realize it’s all about language. Well, that’s true! The language plays a huge part in the relationship of two foreigners. The entire relationship develops with your language. The better you understand your partner’s language, the better you will communicate with each other. Communication is the base of a strong relationship, so from this point of view, speaking the same language is critical. They say love language is universal, but it never hurts to actually learn your partner’s language.

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