What Millennials Need During Traveling

Millennials are seen as one of the most unpleasant generations ever: we are the “me” generation, the lazy ones who prefer to live with our parents and never get a real job. But we are also the traveling generation – the kids who become digital nomads.

However, we travel in a different way, compared to our parents and we have different needs. With a high unemployment rate, we had to switch from exotic holidays to cheap experiences. Traveling became less structured and more spontaneous. As a result, our needs on the road changed greatly.

We need to be connected 24/7

Regardless how we travel and what is our goal, millennials need to be connected 24/7. We need to have free Wi-Fi everywhere we go. Both digital nomads and tourists want to be connected with their friends, they want to be able to live stream their experiences. For digital nomads, the need for WiFi is essential for their work, as they rely on it to earn an income. For tourists, WiFi is essential for posting the latest photos and show their friends where they are. Either way, being connected is one of the most important things for the millennial traveler.


We want to feel “at home”

Hotels are outdated for the millennial traveler – now it’s all about feeling “at home”! We love the feel of AirBnB and CouchSurfing accommodation, because they are real homes. No one is going to ask for a specific check-in time, no one is going to invade your privacy for housekeeping. And then, we can have room-mates. Sharing the travel experience with other people is priceless for millennials, so we definitely love to come home to a cozy AirBnB, instead of a standard hotel room.

We value the experience

Speaking of experiences, we value the experience of travel. We want to enjoy the local attractions, but not like a random tourist, but like a local. You will see few millennials who will rush towards the notorious attractions in a country. We are more likely to hang out with the locals in a small pub, diving into the local culture and listening to the local language. We already know how Italian pasta taste like in Rome, but we want to know how Italian pasta tastes like in a grandmother’s kitchen from Sicily.

We are independent

Millennials hate the idea of group tours and walking the same old path. We want to travel in our own way, explore the world in our own pace. Renting cars and hopping from bus to bus is the new traveling method embraced by millennials. Just like they love to sleep in cozy homes, they also love to travel how locals travel. You will also find millennials riding bikes across the world, as this is a very personal and intimate way to get to know a country and its inhabitants. Moreover, it offers you a high level of independence.

Traveling is now all about the local experience. We want to dive into the local culture and live like the locals, embracing their clothes, style, language and cuisine. Luxury accommodation and exotic vacations are not the rage anymore, as millennials want to experience foreign places like a local.

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