You Can Now Rent A House Near The World’s Most Active Volcano

If you want to get an adrenaline rush, rent a house near a volcano. Not just any volcano, but one of the world’s most active. This extreme experience is possible in Hawaii.

On Hawaii’s Big Island, at the base of Kilauea volcano, you will find a small and cozy Airbnb, named Phoenix House. The little building got it’s name because it is rising from the ashes of the volcano, just like the mythical creature. The house has only 450 square feet and is located near the volcano’s lava flow. The view from the house is amazing, as you can see the hot lava flowing into the ocean.

The little house is eco-friendly, using solar energy and rainwater to power the home appliances. Phoenix House has a fan, shower, WiFi and everything you need for a comfortable living. You also have power outlets to charge your phone.


This high tech oasis was built with sustainability in mind. Architect Will Beilharz used a Japanese charring technique called Shou Sugi Ban to blacken the wood used to construct the house. This is only one of the innovative techniques used for Phoenix House, which offers a 360 degrees view of the area.


The lava flow which travels from the volcano to the sea is only four miles away from the house. The volcano is active and it drops tons of lava in the ocean every minute. But don’t worry: the house is not going to fall victim to the lava. At least, not without a previous warning that is.

The entire Phoenix House can be rented for $200 a night. The hosts live near-by and can offer yoga classes or guided tours of the sacred places.

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