3 Incredible Road Trips From Seattle

Seattle Fun



Seattle is a starting point to the ocean, volcano, islands, Canada, rainforest and mountains. There is no shortage of trips, and besides, you need to drive an average of two hours to your destination, which is quite affordable. Of course, for the beginning you can enjoy the city's entertainment. Watching views is a great activity, because there are two ways to do it:

  1. From skypers. The mountains and Lake Washington from three different directions and the thin city horizon flows into ocean waters. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? When you see this picture outside the window, your soul falls into delight and makes the thoughts different. 
  2. Boat tours and cruises. It is expensive, but unforgettable. Enjoy the cocktails and scenery with your friends while the sea wind blows the waves. 

The first stop in your trip 

Perhaps, you will start from the airport, if you are not a resident. Car trips usually proceed well with a suitable vehicle. Click here to book the car in two steps for a good price and valuable terms. Passenger van rental is a good idea for a journey, because you can take friends or family with you and don’t bother about the baggage. You also can rent the Economy car, if you are travelling alone or with a partner. SUVs are good for a long road, they are spacious and safe. Van rental can be the most comfortable, because you even can live in the car for a short period and store the souvenirs and other purchases inside. So, you will not make a mistake if you rent a van in any case. Another question is parking in Seattle. Charge is varied depence in the time: overnight parking is free, downtown parking  is $5 in busiest hours. The driver can choose three locations: hotel, street parking, lots and garages. Prepare the plan for parking beforehand and don’t get yourself into trouble. 

What should I visit

We prepare a list of different locations, which are suitable for day-trip and long trip. They are good for family vacation and short weekends with friends. You’ll see fantastic landscapes and recharge the battery in different environments. Let’s consider together:

  1. Mt Rainier.
  2. Vancouver. 
  3. Snoqualmie Falls

Mt Rainier


National park around the mountain is quite a calm place, but Mt Rainier, actually, is a volcanic peak., and moreover, the highest in the USA because height is 14,410 feet. That is an interesting place for children and adults to explore. You can visit other park regions to admire the fields of wildflowers. One day for Paradise, second for hiking trails along the Carbon river and third for Sunrise are enough to get the whole picture. 



Well, it is complicated to choose the most attractive activity in this big city, but on the other hand, you won't get bored there exactly. For a nice drive adventure we propose you to try the Sea-to-Sky Highway, one of the most wonderful roads worldwide. Journey will be brief, only 1.5 hour, from downtown to Whistler, but you will never forget the trip along the mountains, waterfalls and staraggering scenery. 

Snoqualmie Falls


Picnic overlooking the waterfall seems to be the most unusual picnic in your life. Enjoying a meal to the sound of going down water is a pleasure for people who love aesthetics and dreaming about the atmospheric photos, like in the Pinterest. You will forget about the existence of Niagara Falls after such a trip. Spend the whole day here, leave your car (parking is absolutely free) and stroll the hiking trails for new impressions and photos for your social media.


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