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When visiting Asia, Hong Kong is not to be missed. Even if you just stay three nights in this place, there is so much to do, see and discover.<... Read More

The Time I Fell In Love With Peru

Can you blame me? Peru is a magical place. And of course, let me start off with Machu Picchu, which probably deserves its own entry. The sense of history around this place is simply amazing. If Mac... Read More

No Wonder Palawan Is the Best Island in the World!

For the third year in a row, the prestigious magazine “Travel + Leisure” voted Palawan, an island in the Philippines, the best island in the world.


I cannot say I... Read More

Discover Nepal, A Land of Enchantment

Ahhhh… Nepal.


Visiting this country can feel like a step out of time. The people are among the friendliest in the world, and, despite terrible devastation from earthqu... Read More

4 Awkward Experiences I Had While Traveling South America By Bus

One of the best ways to travel from one South American country to another or from one town to another is to take the bus. This is a logical decision, from the point of view of price and time. Howev... Read More

Crystal Clear and Aquamarine Waters

Packing my suitcase for my internship in London was a daunting task. I’m pretty particular about shoes, and I realized I would need the perfect shoes for literally every occasion, whether it was wo... Read More

Why traveling is not Instagram Worthy

“Lifejackets are under your seats, but don’t bother, they’re completely useless here.”


The tourist boat’s safety briefing did not fill us with confidence.


“The... Read More

Traveling is like love and here is why

Romeo and Juliet is an enduring tragic love story written by William Shakespeare about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families. Shakespeare borrowed his p... Read More