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If you are visiting San Sebastián, we recommend visiting Monte Igueldo. It Is located on the West of the city and by Ondarreta Beach. It is the highest of the three mountains in the city, Monte Igueldo and it is crowned by a Torreón. This mountain is also famous because it has the most popular amusement park in San Sebastián and a Hotel, offering one of the most beautiful views of San Sebastián.




Monte Igueldo is an ideal place to visit in the city, and you can you stay there for the day, even though you can bring some food or picnic with you and eat it there while you look at San Sebastián.   You can access to the top of the mountain by Funicular, which is a cable train especially designed to go to the mountain. The Funicular, located in Plaza del Funicular, 4, is the most picturesque transport to go up Monte Igueldo, although you can also go up by car. It was inaugurated on August 25, 1912 and the cabins are still the original ones.

The price to go on a round trip is € 3.15 adults and children € 2.35 and with discounts. You can have the option of a single trip and walk down the mountain to go back to the city, the price for a single ticket it is € 1.75 adults and € 1.35 children. As soon as you arrive to the top you will have wonderful views of the city from the Monte Igueldo viewpoint.


Retro Amusement Park

The Monte Igueldo Amusement Park together with the funicular was inaugurated by the regent María Cristina: with her attractions such as the Mysterious River, the House of Terror and the Swiss Mountain, as main attractions in Igueldo. This amusement park maintains its original design. There are up to twenty attractions, some with the same design as 100 years ago, which will make you feel in an atmosphere of joy and going back in time.  

Its most valued attractions are the Swiss mountain with its characteristic rattle along the edge of the mountain. The other famous ones are the trampolines or the Great Labyrinth. You cannot miss its famous Italian- style carousel.



The tower Mirador del Torreón

Another place to visit in Monte Igueldo is the tower of Mirador del Torreón.  The price to go in it is is € 2.50 adult. There are five floors of easy access by stairs. There is an elevator but it cannot be used. To access the terrace of the Torreón there is a small spiral-shaped staircase.

This building was repaired in 1912, when it was decided to recover it by building a new glazed viewpoint and a terrace on top of it. If you get to the terrace of the Torreón you will contemplate a spectacular landscape and panoramic views of the coast from the terrace going from the Biscayan Cape to the French Landes.

There is also a restaurant in this tower, El Torreón restaurant, with a more traditional style and a cuisine rooted in local produce. Its impressive terraces join the


The Ligthouse

The Lighthouse is located on the northern slope of the mountain, overlooking a winding road. It is a beautiful building with white walls, located at 135 meters above sea level, which allows the seaman to avoid the misty fogs of the Cantabrian Sea. With a range of 26 miles, this lighthouse currently combines its work as a guide with that of a viewpoint. And it is that, thanks to the incorporation of an additional floor with windows and terraces in 1918, today the visitor can observe the city of San Sebastián.


Mount Igueldo is one of those magical places that, despite being visited over and over again, continue to offer many things to the visitor. If you need accommodation during your visit to San Sebastián, we recommend trying apartments in San Sebastián, in them you will be able to feel at home. If you feel like sleeping right in Monte Igueldo, you can check its four starts hotel.

San Sebastián is a very beautiful city surrounded by nature and mountains. It is one of the most beautiful cities that you can visit in Spain and you cant forget to try its gastronomy and its famous “pintxos”.



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