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October 2019


When visiting Asia, Hong Kong is not to be missed. Even if you just stay three nights in this place, there is so much to do, see and discover.

Hong Kong is a place like no other. It's heartbeat is its city life--and it's very cosmopolitan that way. There are a lot of expatriates living in working in Hong Kong, and so some places, like ChunKing Mansions, are like little India, while others like Victoria Peak, have retained the almost visible imprint of HongKong's colonial past. Speaking of which, one of the things we always love to do in Hong Kong is to have High Tea at The Peninsula. It's become somewhat of a tradition, a reason to put on our best clothes to have those dainty little sandwiches and cups of tea. It's such a welcome break from the crazy hustle that characterizes the rest of the city.

Having said that, if you get tired of all that noise and action, Hong Kong is great because there are trails where you can walk and enjoy nature--far away from the hustle and bustle of life--only, in reality, just a few kilometers. I've appreciated that they've kept their green spaces free for people who need to get away and spend some time in solitude, like me.

And then, back to the crowds and craziness. You'll either love it or hate it. Or both, sometimes even at the same time.

Nevertheless, Hong Kong is well worth a visit because of the amazing food. From noodles so spicy from the street carts that you are guaranteed to break out into a sweat, to dinners at Michelin starred restaurants, the food in Hong Kong is superb! Try it all, for your own sake. Noodle soups. Dim sum. Pork and beef dishes. Mixed vegetables. Peking duck. Oh my.

Hong Kong is also a shoppers paradise. They truly have it all--from branded clothes to clever knock-offs, to sports gear and shoes, to fabric, electronics, art, jewellery...you name it, they have it. But, you must drive a hard bargain. And don't walk away after bargaining down the price. Hong Kong merchants expect you to buy what you haggle for, otherwise expect a stream of curses to follow you as you go. The lesson here is, don't haggle if you won't buy.

Have a great trip to Hong Kong! You'll be glad you came.

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