Memorable Things to Do in Seychelles


The stunning archipelago that is Seychelles is a dazzling array of natural beauty. The lofty mountains, the lush green vegetation and sparkling ocean waters sparkling beaches, and shimmering lagoons It's a paradise! Seychelles is a paradise for all. In addition to admiring the breathtaking scenery, there's an incredible array of activities to enjoy in Seychelles. 

There are mountain trails to hike and rock climb, snap amazing photos of nature and wildlife, and so on. If you're contemplating a trip to Seychelles, your itinerary will not be complete without the top activities you can take part in. Check out flights to seychelles and top things to do on your trip to Seychelles for making your stay more memorable.

Petit Amour

If you have luxury, plan an entire day in this elegant and luxurious villa in Petit Armour to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings with the most lavish of luxury. Enjoy a life of king-size luxury by sitting in one of the luxurious rooms that overlook the blue sea. take a dip by the infinity pool, or try deep-sea fishing. It is one of the most enjoyable activities to take part in in Seychelles.


Seychelles is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. The white, sparkling sands, turquoise shorelines, Takamaka trees, glitzy ocean water, and sun-kissed beaches that are Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Source D'Argent, and Beau Vallon beaches are to be swooned over.

It is possible to stroll and sunbathe, swim and surf on these stunning beaches of Seychelles and spend some relaxing time admiring the stunning natural beauty. There are beaches that offer numerous opportunities for thrilling water activities in Seychelles such as snorkelling, water skiing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

A must-do for thrilling Seychelles activities is going to dive and snorkel. Due to the breathtaking topography of coral reefs that sprawl and underwater walls, apexes drop-offs, wreckages and ravines, the northern region of the island is the perfect place to scuba dive. On the island of Mahe is home to some stunning snorkelling spots, including Bay Ternay- which is an additional must-do activity in Seychelles.

Rock Climbing

The zip line and rock climbing are among the most thrilling things you can do when in Seychelles. You can test yourself by climbing the enormous granite outcrops that make up Mahe located at Constance Ephelia- the luxury resort. The adventure zone of the resort in Mahe offers a variety of rock climbing, based on your experience and thrilling zip-lining among the lush tropical vegetation on Mahe's island.

Vallee De Mai Tour

Vallee de Mai is considered as Vallee de Mai is regarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the must-see spots on Praslin Island in Seychelles. It is among the few spots on Earth where the coco de Mer palms are grown in their original shape.

Vallee de Mai is also an ideal birdwatcher's destination where you can spot the threatened Seychelles bulbul as well as the beautiful blue pigeon, Seychelles warbler, as well as the threatened black parrot. The plantations offer three trails for hiking, numerous sub trails, as well as guided walks. All of them are equally enjoyable activities to enjoy during the month of Seychelles at the beginning of February.

Island Hopping

If you're wondering what you can do in Seychelles consider planning to go island hopping. Seychelles is an archipelago comprising stunning 115 islands; there's surely, hopping around and exploring the islands is among the top activities you can explore in Seychelles. The stunning landscape in Silhouette, Praslin, Fregate and Denis attracts tourists to travel from one island to the other and take in the wonder of nature.

The island tours take in the lush vegetation, the diversity, mountain ranges as well as sparkling beaches and shores. It's among the most enjoyable activities to experience in Mahe Seychelles in January.

Morne National Park

Morne National Park in Seychelles is a hotspot for those who love nature and trekking. Exploring the vast bio-reserve is among the most thrilling things to take part in Seychelles.

Morne National Park consists of diverse wildlife and flora, as well as numerous interconnected trails, which are ideal for those who love adventure and nature. The park is among the top things to do in Seychelles.

Moyenne Island

Island that is home to giant stones, enormous turtles, and a well-preserved ecosystem of fauna and flora A stroll around Moyenne Island would be just enough to make you forget your troubles. Moyenne Island is a hidden gem in Seychelles and is worth visiting every once in a while. The stunning beauty and tranquillity of the island will cause you to fall in love with Moyenne. There are also delicious meals and cool drinks on the Islands. If you're looking to travel with your loved one, you shouldn't skip out on visiting this island since it is one of the best activities to enjoy in Seychelles during your honeymoon.


If you're searching for something unique that you could do when visiting Seychelles with your loved ones, you should consider the full-day cruise tour to Therese Island along with BBQ to enhance your time in Seychelles. The boat ride of 40 minutes up to Therese Island will be one of the most enjoyable boat trips you can take. When you get to The island, you can go snorkeling on the beach or simply relax on the blue water. The thing you'll most enjoy is a barbecue on the beach. The authentic Creole BBQ that can make you crazy.

Victoria Bazaar

The most exciting and the most crowded markets for shopping in Seychelles There are all kinds of things here. It's a lively market that is bursting with local sellers offering everything at a bargain. There are t-shirts with designs and necklaces as well as souvenirs. It's likely that you'll get full after all the bargaining and shopping throughout the day. Luckily there are local eateries that serve authentic meals.

Kenwyn House

If you are a lover of anything French that includes French architectural styles and French wine, then you'll enjoy Kenwyn House. Built in the 18th century, it is an iconic illustration of French architecture, Kenwyn House is the most frequented landmark in Seychelles. It houses some luxurious and premium retail firms such as Jouel. The luxurious silvers and gems can make your wife purchase everything. The captivating elegance of the monument with the splendour of the precious stones, everything is right when you visit Kenwyn House.


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