4 Amazing places to visit belgium for travel photography in 2020

Here is a list of 5 unique places to visit in Belgium for 2020; we recommend to choose your favorite place according to your personal interests to make the vacation memorable.


Belgium is small nation filled with vintage castles, museums, shopping arcades, churches to modern architecture, mansions and wonderful beer. This country is a great place to visit if you want to experience the charm of the old world. If you are planning to visit one of Europe’s most attractive place, then Belgium is also a great choice for travel photography where you can capture marvelous sight.

1. Vallee du Ninglinspo

The Vallee du Ninglinspo is one of the most attractive points to visit in Belgium. This remarkable place offers miles of trails and eye-conic scenery with the beautiful wilderness. The Vallee du Ninglinspo offers an array of new and attractive features, and this is the place that is a paradise for countless hikers. The Vallee du Ninglinspo has beautiful waterfalls, rocky landscapes, natural pools, with unspoiled wilderness, so if you visit this destination, be sure to bring your camera along to capture its natural beauty and help make it a memorable day.


Antwerp is a very attractive and colorful place that not only represents the old world, art, traditions and beautiful architectural work and places, but it also offers numerous modern museums & art galleries. Antwerp  is home to the diamonds district of Belgium and the world’s uncut diamonds are traded here. The Plantin Moretus Museum, Museum aan de Stroom, Rubenshius and Antwerp zoo are also famous places to visit during your stay.

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Bruges is one of the most stunning destinations in Belgium due so its medieval heritage, along with its collection of historical buildings and canals. The elegant chapels, gorgeous buildings & quaint shops all very beautifully convey the history of Bruges to the visitors; while the endless canals further enhance the beauty of this historical town. The main attractions of this place are the Gruuthuse Mansion, Grote Market Square, Belfry Tower.


4. Tournai

Tournai is also an iconic Belgian city offering a breathtaking cathedral that is located at the Belgium-France border. This cathedral offers a collection of art & sculptures that attract the attention of many tourists. Moreover, this place is an ideal destination for art lovers and travel photographers. The beautiful art galleries, old historical museums, the Belfry of Tournai, Musee d’Histoire Naturelle et Vivarium and Folklore Museum, are some of the most famous places for visitors.

5. Mons

Mons is an accessible city to discover while in Belgium. Mons has a large cobblestone square and also happens to be the capital of the picturesque Hainaut province. The best-known attraction(s) of this town is its magnificent belfry bells, which has a tower of 270 feet. Mons attracts and fascinates every traveler that comes by. Generally speaking, the most attractive places in Mons are the Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru, Van Gogh House and the Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster statues.


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