Beaches in USA: 5 Perfect Spots for a Family Getaway

Traveling by car is always an exciting adventure. Thus, many people rent a car when going on vacation.

The United States boasts a very long coastline, with a total length of over 12,000 miles. Located on two shores of the continent, as well as on several islands, these beaches attract with their diversity and beauty, as well as provide excellent conditions for families. 

As a rule, travelers who are going on a beach vacation in the United States with children have several of the most important questions: which beach to choose and how to get to it? As for getting around, pick up a spacious 10 seat van rental wherever you need it and you will quickly reach even the most remote place. In turn, we are ready to share with you information about the best places for a family-friendly beach vacation in the USA:

Siesta Beach 

File:Siesta Key Beach. Sarasota - panoramio - 4net (3).jpg

Siesta Beach is a magnificent piece of paradise that attracts family travelers from all over the world. It’s located on the Gulf Coast in Siesta Key, Florida. You can easily get there with your rental car from Tampa, placed 67 miles away. When you first come there, you will experience a very strange sensation - the smallest snow-white sand doesn’t heat up in the sun, while the emerald, crystal clear water almost always remains warm. 

The beach is about 1.5 km long and 8 meters wide. Its infrastructure is quite well developed – with volleyball courts, cafes, children's playgrounds, toilets, showers, picnic gazebos and a rescue point. The location of the beach is so good that storm waves and gusts of wind rarely disturb the coastline. The ebb and flow of the tide form natural shoals, where pelicans and gulls love to fish. Siesta Beach is perfect for both a relaxing family vacation and active rest with friends.

Location: Siesta-Key, Florida


San Gregorio State Beach

File:CRW 2419.jpg

San Gregorio is a Californian beach with a variety of leisure activities: barbecues, sports grounds, water sports, picnic tables, etc. It’s located just 40 miles from San Francisco and there’re always many children running on the wet sand. 

It’s worth visiting the beach in the morning, at about 9 am. At this time, there are almost no people on the beach, but the sun is already pleasantly caressing the skin. The bulk of tourists flock there at about 12pm. Not far from the beach you’ll find a paid parking lot. With a parking ticket issued there you can visit various beaches of the area during the day. 

The beautiful mountainous nature on San Gregorio State Beach entertains and pacifies all visitors who come there to have a good rest or have fun. On the way to this beach, you can enjoy unique views from the window of your rental car, as your route will run along the incredibly scenic California SR1 highway.

Location: San Gregorio, California


Kahanamoku Beach


If you decide to spend an incredible beach weekend with the kids, head to Oahu. Next, pick up a rental car and head to the western end of Waikiki to find Kahanamoku Beach.

 It’s located next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. All beaches in Hawaii are public, so feel free to position yourself wherever you like. Named after the Hawaiian surf hero, this beach is less crowded than Waikiki Beach and also has a family-friendly swimming lagoon. There’s a rather shallow shore, which allows the water to warm up to a very comfortable temperature. The soft sand will be very pleasant for your kids to run. 

Of course, be sure to take a selfie with the iconic Diamond Head volcanic crater in the background.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii


Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach Palm Tree Sand - Free photo on Pixabay

Clearwater is one of the greatest beaches – it has been voted Best Beach in the USA 6 times! The beach is located on an island off the coast of Clearwater in western Florida. The picturesque bridge connects the island with the mainland, so you can easily get there in your rental car. 

The beach is part of a protected state park. This gives you a great opportunity to see with your own eyes what the west coast of Florida might have looked like many years ago. 

Pine and palmetto forests grow there, and 5 kilometers of the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico remains almost untouched. It will be incredibly pleasant for you and your children to find yourself in the wild, enjoying swimming and sunbathing on the white sands of Clearwater.

Location: Clearwater, Florida


Mission Beach

File:Mission Beach, San Diego USA - panoramio (2).jpg


Mission Beach is another great place to go with your kids in a car rental vehicle. Located in San Diego, California, it’s a long, north-south stretch of sand bordering Ocean Beach Park. In the south of the beach there’re basketball and volleyball courts, as well as fishing spots. This part is not very popular with holidaymakers. 

For water activities, head your way to the secluded Mission Point Park situated at the tip of the headland. There’re parking lots in the central part of the beach. They are usually full, so it's best to go to the beach before lunch. 

If your kids get bored with a beach holiday, you have a few more attractive options. Several large shopping centers, restaurants, a picnic park and amusement park will make your children happy. The park's attractions include the Big Dipper roller coaster, a post-apocalyptic city in the Laser Room, a sports pool, arcade cars, a climbing wall, various carousels and gaming rooms.

Location: Mission Beach, San Diego


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