Best Kids Water Parks In Dubai

Check These Dubai's Best Water Parks for Kids

Sometimes it's hard to find the best places to take kids especially when it comes to water parks. Parents worry about safety and larger crowds and they want to be able to take their family to a water park that caters specifically to their kids. Here is a compilation of some of the best kids’ water parks in Dubai. 

Aquaventure Waterpark 

Aquaventure is a true adventure water park that wanders into the mythical realm of the lost city of Atlantis. If you’ve heard of the Palm Islands you know that they are man-made so making the journey to visit them is extraordinary in and of itself. To add to that feeling of majesty is this water park that is 17 hectares in size and uses 18 million liters of water to keep it operational. As you can imagine there is no shortage of rides and attractions inside the park that are there to induce fun, adventure and thrilling excitement. You’ll find the longest river in the Middle East located here called The Rapids that you can swim or float around in. Try out the Atlantean Flyer ride which is the longest zip line circuit also in the Middle East. The Dubai beachfront will be your view throughout this ride. 

Laguna Waterpark

Making it on the list of best kids water parks in Dubai is Laguna Waterpark.It’sa waterpark with a beachfront and boardwalk as an added bonus. Consisting of 4 separate zones, each one offers different ways to have fun in the water. The Surf zone is all about waves and surfing and this area is home to the WaveOz 180, a wave machine that is one out of 3 in existence today. The Relaxation zone is where you should head to float along the lazy river with your family and friends and find inner peace. The Splash zone is more for the little ones because it provides them with smaller and safer play areas like the Aqua Play structure with bite size water slides. And the Slide zone is dedicated to the thrill seekers with rides that will have your heart racing like Free Fall, Aqualoop and Mad Racer.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Next on the list of some of the best kids’ water parks in Dubai is Wild Wadi Waterpark. A one of a kind water park, it’s the only one with an Arabian theme that is based on a character from the popular tales they tell their children. This character goes by the name of Juha and Wild Wadi Waterpark portrays the stories of this character in imaginative ways. It’ll be easy for you to find it as it’s conveniently located near Burj Al Arab. You might want to go there just for that view! There is fun to be had for everyone in your party within the 30 rides and attractions that are featured within. For an extra thrill, make your way to the top of the Jumeirah Sceirah at 32 meters high, get inside the capsule, and take a deep breath preparing to be hurled down a 120-meter slide at 80 km an hour. As usual, if you’d prefer to avoid the scary rides, look for the lazy river, Juha’s Journey, for a less intense experience.  

Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park in Dubai is where all your children’s Lego dreams will come true and is perfect for kids’ water parks in Dubai. If your kids are between the ages of 2 and 12 they are welcome within the park and will find that the rides cater to their age group specifically. Water slides make up a portion of the 20 attractions located inside that are sure to have them squealing with joy. Everyone knows that Legos are all about building and using your hands. The Build-A-Boat activity utilizes just that and your kids will be able to build their own boats and rafts right in front of your eyes. After they learn how to put them together, they’ll have the chance to ride them in the water and have a sense of pride in their accomplishments! Legoland Water Park also has a wave pool for an amplified sense of fun.

Splash N Party Dubai 

Splash N Party Dubai is geared more towards children having fun with their parents in the water. It features splash pads, water slides, and other kid-friendly activities. Grown ups can work on their tan, watch as their kids play and just relax. Do you have a birthday party coming up? Call Splash N Party Dubai in advance and reserve this spot for parties and celebrations.    


Finally, when talking about the best kids water parks in Dubai, we can’t leave out the AquaFun park. It is the biggest inflatable park in Dubai and therefore very attractive to your younger kiddos. It’s a totally different vibe then a conventional waterpark and that’s why you don’t want to miss out. Bring the whole family along to make memories and capture the unforgettable moments. It’s definitely large enough as it spans 2700 square meters which is more than enough room for the many games and rides that are featured throughout the park. Your kids will be able to participate in a challenge that has 74 obstacles that they’ll attempt to pass through without falling into the water.   

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