Surfing in San Sebastián

Surfing is possible in this amazing city

Did you know that San Sebastián is one of the best cities to go surfing? San Sebastián is a city where you can enjoy the sea, the waves, its beaches, and nature. San Sebastián is located in the North of Spain, by the Bay of Biscay. The coast surrounds most of the Gipuzkoan province, where there are many special places for surf lovers. This sport is becoming immensely popular in Spain and it moves masses of people all over the world.

Doesn’t matter which place you choose or where you go around this coast, since we can almost guarantee that in some of the San Sebastian city beaches and in the surroundings of San Sebastián you will always find your perfect wave.

That the Basque Country is a well-known world surfing destination. The Cantabrian coast offers the conditions that every good surfer is looking for: wind, waves and spectacular beaches. And without giving up the essence of Euskadi.


Surfing beaches in San Sebastián

The city of San Sebastián has three beaches and the most important of all is that they are all surfable. We recommend going surfing in one of the most beautiful La Concha beach. Although it is well sheltered, on La Concha beach you can surf in an incomparable setting where you can enjoy the views Mount Igueldo and the island of Santa Clara. When there is high tide, the waves are ideal for surfing.

Along with La Concha, the western side of the bay is occupied by Ondarreta beach and located some metres away from La Concha beach on the west. This beach is somewhat warmer than the beach in La Concha. Surfing in Ondarreta was very popular among surfers, however most of them have moved in favor of La Zurrioa beach. Although, Ondarreta continues to maintain its characteristics waves. Both La Concha and Ondarreta can be surfed at high tide and storm events.


Zurriola beach, the best-known surfing beach of San Sebastián

The most popular surfing beach in San Sebastián is La Zurriola, much more exposed to the Cantabrian sea than the others. It is a real feast of waves under the gaze of Kursaal and Mount Ulía. Surfers from all over the world come here to enjoy some of the best waves in Europe. La Zurriola is also known as Gros beach, in reference to the area in which it is located. A lively and young neighborhood where you can go for pintxos, especially on the weekend. This part of the city is very cosmopolitan and from this beach you can get impressive views to the city of San Sebastián.

The waves in this beach are characterized for being intense, multi-peak, and allowing surfing at any tide. The wind normally blows from south-southeast-southwest. Beginners can start surfing in the area near the Kursaal Theater. It is an ideal setting for both beginners and experts, since La Zurriola has several surf clubs and schools.


As you can see, it is possible to surf in the city of San Sebastián and enjoy of a great time in the city as well.  

We recommend staying at San Sebastián apartments for your stay in San Sebastián, where you will be able to get the best views of the city and the beach.

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