Uncovering the Secrets of Music City: Tennessee

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It's difficult to beat the range of activities to enjoy in Tennessee. You can find Civil War sites, civil rights monuments, and some of the most famous landmarks in music as well as world-class cultural spaces, fashionable food and drink spots, as well as craft distilleries and beer breweries.

Hatch Show Print

A part of The Country Music Hall of Fame, Hatch Show Print has been turning out posters for shows at several of the biggest venues in Nashville and most well-known artists for over 140 years. It still produces over 500 posters each year, and customers can get some of the earliest pieces of Nashville in the past in the shape of replicas of vintage posters, such as the one that the founder William Hatch made for the Grand Ole Opry in 1941.

The shop isn't just a place to purchase souvenirs, but. The temporary exhibitions and displays of vintage poster art are in rotation and letterpress lovers can register for workshops and tours. The crowd is quite touristy, however there are many residents who have an element of Hatch heritage in their home.

National Museum of African American Music

NMAAM includes all aspects of the Black musical experience. The collection comprises music and videos, costume designs posters, images, instruments and much more, is organised by genre and chronology. The collection is created to be interactive, so the visitors can discover where musicians gathered their inspirations and whom they influenced.

The museum is in-depth with a focus on both the most well-known artists as well as the ones with names that are not known to the public. All of the collection is not only permanent, but since the bulk of it is the way you interact with it - do you attempt to record your own music, or listen to different artists, it is never the same place repeatedly. As the mainstay of the huge Fifth + Broadway complex (an attraction in and of itself, with bars, restaurants and live music venues and even shops) It does not feel crowded because of timing-based ticketing.

Arnold's Country Kitchen

Sure, Arnold's Country Kitchen is an actual cafeteria that is one that is awarded a James Beard Classic award (one of two in the city). Expanding the restaurant has reduced the lengthy wait times, but since everybody in town from politicians to musicians to tourists dines here you can expect to wait in line for the southern-style meat 'n' three.

For many years, Arnold's was only open for lunch on weekdays, however it has expanded to include evening hours (the famous Arnold's After Dark), the weekend hours, and an upscale bar. If you're a native Tennessean or a newbie to Southern cuisine, the meal 'n' three is an important tradition of the passage.

Frist Art Museum

Nashville was awash with art galleries, but the Frist which was established in 2001 in an elegant Art Deco building that was at one time the city's principal post office -- helped fill the void. The collection has no collections that are permanent, meaning that you are never sure what will be on display, and that's the reason why locals are enthralled by the place.

The exhibitions are diverse from antique cars to Japanese art, to objects from Houghton Hall. Houghton Hall country estate in England. Each exhibit is carefully laid out in a well-lit gallery and the space also hosts an uninvolved music event, Music at the Frist every month, which happens about once.

RCA Studio B

Everybody From Elvis Presley to Roy Orbison and Carrie Underwood have laid down tracks in this storied recording studio, which is now an exhibit operated by the Country Music Hall of Fame. One way to go to Studio B is on a guided tour that runs every hour between 10:30 a.m. until 22:30 p.m. It's a hot tourist spot and don't be shocked to see Elvis devotees driving to the area on their way to Graceland in Memphis. It's a thrilling glimpse of the music scene in Nashville, and you'll be left with that Music City magic.

The Station Inn

The Station Inn isn't just Nashville's most popular bluegrass club It's the best in the country. If you are looking for a venue that offers quick picking and down-home entertainment every night that is played by numerous of the best bluegrass musicians take a trip to the Station Inn high-tailing it. The drinks are inexpensive and the cinder block building may not be as shiny as its towering neighbours.

However, it is a true gem. Station Inn is true-blue Music City. It's impossible to predict who will attend Saturday's Bluegrass jam and you are sure it will be an unforgettable night that will be remembered. Explore your way through the Nashville music scene, beyond the honky-tonks.

Robert's Western World

Lower Broadway is lined with honky tonks that play all day and all-night drinking spots along with dance venues that comprise Nashville Music City. Visit Robert's Western World to kick up your heels, sip PBR and eat a delicious bologna sandwich that has been fried, and have fun. Be sure to tip your server as well as the band.

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