Things to do in San Sebastián


If you want to visit the North of Spain we recommend visiting the magic city of San Sebastián. It is really beautiful and there you can enjoy the mountains and the sea all together. It is a good destination for people that wants to explore cities located by the sea. The city has a mild climate, not too cold or hot, its beaches are very beautiful, and the city counts with three city beaches: La Concha, Ondarrea and Zurriola beach, and it has two mountains, Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo. We are going to show you here some places that you can visit in San Sebastián.


La Concha Beach

La Concha beach is the number one touristic spot in San Sebastián. It is the most famous place and beach in San Sebastián and the one that appears on the city postcards. The beach is located just by the city centre and you can walk all over it along its promenade. From the beach you can enjoy and have very nice views of the sea and of the Santa Clara Island, located in the middle of the La Concha bay. 

You can get to the island of Santa Clara in summer since it is very popular in the holidays. From the beach you can also see two famous mountains that are bordering the city, to the left it is Monte Igueldo and to the right it is Monte Urgull.

The promenade along the beach is really beautiful and it has more than 1.350 meters in length. You can practice in this beach a lot of sports such as surf, bodyguard, windsurf and volleyball. If you are a fan of swimming you should try these waters in summertime.


San Sebastián City Hall

We recommend visiting San Sebastián city hall. This historic building was once a casino during the city golden years, and it was built in 1887. However, in 1924 the gambling got banned and then it became the City Hall of the city. It is located by the beach of La Concha. This building was inaugurated by the queen Marie Christine of Austria.


Buen Pastor Cathedral

This is the most visible and most important Cathedral in Gipuzkoa province and the biggest in San Sebastián. This cathedral is charming and beautiful at the same time. It is located in the city centre. It has a tower of 75 meters high and you will be able to see this tower from many points in the city. The tower of the cathedral got completed in 1899 and it was built following a neo gothic style. The architects were Manuel Echeve and Ramón Cortaza.


Ondarreta Beach

This beach is located in the occidental part of the city. Ondarreta is the name of the beach that is just some metres away to the west from the beach to La Concha. However, this beach is not very known. Ondarreta is quiet, and it is ideal for families. It is less crowded than the other beaches in San Sebastián, so it is ideal to practise some water sports and just to relax there.  

Next to the beach there are some gardens and a very nice promenade.


Constitution Square

This square is located just in the city centre and in the old part of the city. In the past it was a place dedicated to bullfighting. The squared got remodelled and nowadays is a place full of bars and shops. It is a place full of life.

Everybody goes to this square when there are important parties or special celebrations in the city of San Sebastián. The square is famous among the locals. It is a good place to go, sit, do some shopping and relax for a while.

Peine del Viento

Peine del Viento is a famous sculpture done by Eduardo Chillida. The sculpture is located at the end of Ondarreta beach. You can get there by walking and following the beach promenade from Ondaterra beach towards Monte Igueldo.

It is a magic place to enjoy the sea views and the natural landscape. There are many cliffs in this area, and you will be able to enjoy the waves and its sound.


The are some of the places that you can visit in San Sebastián. We recommend booking your stay in San Sebastián apartments, where you can enjoy a nice stay feeling like being at home.

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