12 Benefits of Dubai Expo 2020 For You

Dubai Expo 2020



Dubai is all set to welcome guests at the Dubai Expo 2020 to be held from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2021. A fact that stands out if you look back at the history of expos is that it brings a lot of global recognition and esteem to the host city. Since Dubai is the first Middle Eastern city to hold the expo, it is another feather in the cap for the UAE. Around 192 countries are participating in this grand event, and more than 25 million are expected to visit it. Book your Dubai Expo 2020 tickets soon to avoid any last-moment hassles. With this global spectacle just around the corner, let's look at the top 12 benefits of the Dubai Expo 2020.

  1. More Job Opportunities: The event is believed to create more than 2,70,000 jobs in diverse sectors, including tourism, hospitality, finance, construction, infrastructure, and more. It is time to get your CV updated!
  2. Increase in real estate: A increase in jobs and workforce will automatically lead to a higher demand for housing. Many affordable and luxury properties are coming up to support the increasing population.
  3. Better transportation and infrastructure: Due to its massive scale, the Dubai government is developing entirely new transportation infrastructure, including electric buses, new bus stops, roads, tram stations, trains, metro stations, and more.
  4. Boost in tourism: Dubai is already a frontrunner when it comes to tourism. But an international event of this level will surely boost the tourism industry as more and more people would like to visit the city.
  5. New inventions: Do you know that the Eiffel Tower, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, ice creams, and telephones are creations of previous expos? Think about some spectacular innovations Dubai can come up with.
  6. Brand new University: Once the Dubai expo is over, the site will be converted to a university and research center, paving the way for many more learners and scholars.
  7. Bigger Airports: The Al Maktoum International Airport will be the biggest and busiest globally, surpassing the Heathrow Airport, London. The Dubai International Airport will increase the number of stands from 144 to 230 and extend the terminal floor space by 675,000sqm.
  8. Growth in retail: Dubai and shopping go hand in hand. The expo will also see a huge growth in the retail sector which means more shopping and more clothes.
  9. Improvement in the environment: Since sustainability is one of the critical themes of the expo, Dubai will go green and produce half of the energy needed for the expo on-site.
  10. More hotels, more brunches, and dinners: Several luxury hotels and restaurants are coming up to cater to the influx of thousands of visitors to the expo. It means that there will be many more places for residents to explore.
  11. Cool places to socialize: Work is going on in full swing to complete projects which were left halfway. New attractions have also come up in the city in recent times, so people have new places to visit and socialize.
  12. Enriching for students and teachers: Many interactive experiences and outreach activities will be held at the expo, which will be an enriching experience for young students and teachers. They will benefit a lot and learn about the power of world expos.


The Dubai Expo 2020 is an excellent opportunity for people to come together, explore, learn, and make this world a better place. Don’t miss it!


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