Top 10 Facts That You Need to Know About WestJet Flights Booking

WestJet Flights Booking

Are you thinking to consider WestJet is for the upcoming trip? Had you check the airfare and all facts about this airline before choosing this flag carrier? If no then don’t worry this time because here we are going to share the top 10 facts that you need to know about the WestJet Flights Booking. These facts are important to know as a flyer of JetBlue and when you want to aware with the more information about this airline then we help you a lot to know about the information of this airline.

1). WestJet is a Canadian Airline and Not the US Airline:

Many flyers are thinking that WestJet is a US based airline but we must tell you one thing that this airline also serve for many routes of US but not the US based airline. It is a Canadian airline for the travel goals.

2). 27 Years Old Airline:

Do you know about the age of WestJet Airline? This airline was founded in 1994 and now this airline is around 27 years old. Therefore, we can say that it is the most trusted and credible airline for the flyers for the flying goals.

3). Hubs for WestJet Flights Online:

Next and third fact that you can’t miss about the WestJet Flights Online is the hubs of the airline. There are around 3 hubs of this airline and these are:




4). Focus Cities of WestJet Airlines:

On the other hand, airline is also serving for so many focus cities right now in Canada and there are around 3 focus cities of WestJet Reservations and these are:




5). Frequent Flyer Program of Airline:

Is there any frequent flyer program of WestJet Airlines Tickets or not? Maybe you are also thinking to know the answer of this question? Right now the airline is offering one miles earning program to the flyers and this program is known as the WestJet Rewards. Thus, if you want to earn rewards and miles then you can also become the member of this program.

6). Fleet Size of WestJet:

What is the fleet size of WestJet Reservations? When you are also thinking to know more about this concern then we can say that 110 is the fleet size of the airline and with this fleet size you can understand about the comprehensive services of this airline.

7). 100+ Destinations of WestJet:

Destinations count of this airline is around 100+ and when you are thinking to choose the WestJet Air Flights Tickets for the holiday goals then you must check the top most and affordable destination of this airline to book the cheap tickets.

8). Cheapest Day to Fly With WestJet:

Maybe you not believed in a cheapest day but we must tell you one thing that when you choose the cheapest day to fly with the WestJet Airlines Tickets then you can easily save up to 30% on the airlines reservations. Tuesday is a cheapest day to manage the booking of West Flight Tickets and on this day you can ensure the travel tickets booking in a least cost.

9). WestJet Airlines Official Site:

One more place that you need to know for the travel tickets booking of the WestJet Flights is the WestJet Airlines Official Site. The official site is the best place for the passengers where they can manage the reservations in a least cost. Once you choose the official site for the travel booking then it is an easier and affordable task for you to manage the booking.

10). Cheapest Airline from Canada to New York:

We know about the fact that is an ultra-low-cost airline and that’s why this airline is best for the routes of Canada to the US but one route that is the most affordable and the cheapest route for the flyers is the route of Canada to New York Flights. You can choose this airline to make sure the travel booking in a least cost for the travel tickets of New York Travel.

Final Words to Know:

That’s all about the 10 facts that you must know about the WestJet Airlines Flights Booking. Before fly must read these facts to enhance your knowledge.

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