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Travels in Odisha

Heretofore called Orissa, the spectacular East Coast state of India, Odisha is no lesser than a paradise, captivating thousands of millions of passionate and dauntless excursionists across the globe to unearth the awe-inspiring picturesque landscapes and culturally profound stopovers. 

Such popular and exotic sojourns along with off-the-beaten-path destinations across the length and breadth of Odisha simply spellbind all enterprising holidaymakers to break off their fetters of boredom and unravel the magic of adventurous voyages. Nevertheless, vacationers are advised to pre-book and coordinate their custom travels in Odisha from any well-known tour operator such as Mishra Tours & Travels and stay enthralled by the mesmerizing breathers of Bhubaneswar, Puri, Konark, Cuttack, along with virgin coastlines of Gopalpur-on-sea, and eco-friendly Chilika Lake, amongst several others. 

Why Mishra Tours & Travels Is Regarded as the Most Preferred Tourism Operator?

Commencing its most enterprising campaign as a tourism company in 2011, in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, Mishra Tours & Travels gained eminence within a decade. With all-encompassing proficiency, they dedicatedly bring in the most feasible customized tour packages across distinct stopovers in Odisha. 
Coming with breather options like the one-day special Bhubaneswar Sightseeing and Puri drop taxi package, and one to four and seven days fast-tracked vacations, they also offer the most popular holiday packages. Amongst the preferred gateways are the Golden Triangle of Odisha, the Textile Culture Odisha, the Tribal Tour Odisha, the Odisha Chhattisgarh Tribal tour, and also the Wild Tour Bhitarkanika. 
In addition, for cherishing a comfortable sojourn with instant pickups and drop-ins to and fro the Bhubaneswar airport or railway station, they devotedly present their authentic, sanitized, and reasonable luxury taxi service. 
What are some of the Worth Mentioning Tour Options Arranged By Mishra Tours & Travels?
Considering the most prominent tour packages presented by the reputed travel company of Mishra Tours & Travels, one of the finest vacations can be the Golden Triangle of Odisha, also called the Swarna Tribhuja tour. This extremely popular 3-day excursion encompasses the distinct mystical stops of Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Konark. Commencing at the temple city, this tour operator offers the tourists dedicated luxury rental taxis right at the gates of Bhubaneswar airport or the rail station and drops them off at the specified hotel arranged at the time of booking this tour package. 
On the initial day, the holidaymakers are taken on a half-day spiritual expedition to the most admired temples in Bhubaneswar namely the Lingaraja, Rajarani, Sakshigopal, Gupteswar, Ananta Vasudeva, Chausathi Jogini, Mukteshwara, Bhaskareswar, Brahmeshwar, and Parashurameshwar, amongst others. Besides, they go for exploration at formerly known age-old Kattaka or Cuttack caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri, numbering 15 and 18 respectively, showcasing the sensational rock-cut marvels dating back to the 1st century BCE. Later in the evening, tourists can revel in a free leisure shopping spree in the temple city. 
On the next day morning, finishing breakfast, the backpackers can move to Konark to relish the timeworn UNESCO World Heritage site of the Konark Sun Temple, popularly called the Black Pagoda, as it is composed of unique black granite rock. Subsequently, the vacationers visit the Shri Chandrabhaga Temple at the Puri to Konark marine drive route. Later in the day, holidaymakers visit the historical stopover of Dhauli in the Ganjam district of Odisha to witness the breathtaking Buddhist heritage of Shanti Stupa or Peace Pagoda, and also the majestic Ashokan Rock Edicts inscribed in Brahmi, Greek, and Prakrit languages, dating back to the 3rd century BCE. Thereafter, travellers visit Pipili in Puri district to experience the attractive designer Applique handicrafts, a traditional artwork on clothes called Chandua and include umbrellas, cloth bags, purses, carpets, wall hangings, and garments for women. 

On the culminating day, vacationers drop by the most celebrated and renowned Shree Jagannath Temple, along with the Gunicha, Vimala Mata, and the Lokanath temples. Later, guests go for a half-day safari expedition to the noteworthy Nandankanan Zoo, the first breeding area of white tigers in open, and subsequently return to the temple city. 
Final Verdict
Contemplating the assorted custom tour options dedicatedly arranged by Mishra Tours & Travels, it will be a justified decision for the holidaymakers to pre-book their choicest travels in Odisha destination to relish a lifetime experience. 

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