From Fine Dining to Food Trucks: What to Eat in Little Rock

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Recently, culinary tourists have spotted it as a "secret foodie city," Little Rock is home to a variety of regional and local cuisines that are being re-defined by food experts and chefs. From pizza and barbecue to sweets and brew bites There's a lot happening in Little Rock, an Arkansas town. And it's all within a 15 minute drive no matter which part of the city. Here are some reasons to think that Little Rock has a lot more to offer than just cheese dip.

Lost Forty Brewing

Little Rock's growing craft beers scene is dominated by a startup that operates out of a building near the Clinton Presidential Center. The name derives from a 40-acre parcel located in Arkansas' Timberland region that did not get the attention of logging firms. Instead of opting with a simple tasting area, Lost Forty combines casual dining and drinking at its dining room. There are specialties such as bratwurst that is made in house as well as rustic meat dishes topped with mustards and pickles and even a plate of split-grain sorghum bread that is grilled and served with savoury and sweet butters that are served to complement the beers of the season that have fast earned Lost Forty its renown.

Heights Taco & Tamale Company

Three Yellow Rocket Concept restaurants on this list This Heights neighbourhood restaurant pays tribute to the restaurant before it, the long-running Browning's restaurant, elevating the Ark-Mex food to new heights. The influence can be seen through The Plato 1947, which is a reimagining the Browning's Saltillo Platter, featuring a well-studied Arkansas Delta tamale, a cheese enchilada served with the Red Sauce from the house, the chicken taco, and a tostada of guacamole. Additionally, you must surrender to Melting Pot Cheese Dip, the creamy cheese sauce which "messed with Texas" by beating the Queso State's Lone Star State in chip-to-chip competition.

Doe's Eat Place

George Eldridge bought the rights to open a restaurant inspired by that of the Greenville, Mississippi, original; however, he's managed to do it a bit better. It's best known as the spot where Bill Clinton's campaign team roosted in the evenings throughout the 1992 Presidential election, Doe's delivers Delta tamales and exceptional steaks, that are sold by the pound. The restaurant's cavernous room is adorned all the way to the end with photos and memorabilia. The chilli, which is served with Tamales, is a largely unnoticed star.

Sim's Barbecue

Arkansas is situated at the intersection of barbecue, straddling Memphis pulled pork Kansas City ribs and Texas Brisket. The oldest barbecue restaurant in Little Rock is called the "Boiler Room." restaurant, you'll discover one of the state's most well-known sandwiches, in brisket (or pork, of course) that is soaked in sweet vinegar sauce. It's garnished with a slightly creamy coleslaw, and laid on white bread just as nature intended. Sandwiches are served with a fork since the bottom slice of bread will be saturated before taking your first bite, in the exact way they've been served since 1937.

Arkansas Burger Company

Little Rock loves its burgers just as much as it loves its cheese dip. It's difficult to pick between the best Burgers. When it comes down to a classic that has incredible taste and size, The Rock at Arkansas Burger Company is hard to beat. The walls of the counter-service restaurant share a wealth of history in tourism with every type of sticker plate, newspaper advertisement and licence plate you could imagine. Meanwhile, the hand-patted Greek-seasoned burgers are a hit. Cheese dip in fact is white and served with large, yellow tortilla chips.

Red Door

Famous for its Baby back ribs and stuffed mushroom and delicious burgers at the dinner table, Red Door might be even better for brunch. Chef Mark Abernathy's exemplary attention to the Southern food culture includes bacon-infused Bloody Mary, cathead biscuits made from scratch, homemade granola and waffles, and even chicken-fried ribeye steak, topped with bacon that has been peppered. It's a French Country Breakfast piled house potatoes in a skillet, along with sauteed asparagus and mushrooms and two eggs cooked to order and a waterfall of Hollandaise. Cheese dip enthusiasts will delight in the famous White Blue Mesa cheese dip.

Bobby's Country Cookin'

The cafeteria-style lunchroom on weekdays only serves food from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The queue is always at the doors. Bobby's brings the rustic diner to the metropolis serving meat-and-two and meat-and-three plates that feature favourites like Fried chicken country-fried steak, pot roast (and as is the norm for Southern dining establishments cats on fridays) along with the likes of purple hulled peas, steaming cabbage, as well as other regional delights. A pie box is a threat to itself -- brimming with sweets served by the grandmothers of country kitchens.

Honey Pies

Arkansas loves pie and no place is pie celebrated more as the quaint Honey Pies. If it's serving stunning golden-topped fruit pies, delicious caramelised meringues, or incredibly soft creams, Honey Pies has quickly become the spot to get the perfect slice of pie in Little Rock.

Ciao Italian Restaurant

Every city requires a top hidden Italian restaurant -some one that is affordable, comfortable and reliable. It's also stocked with great wines. For those in Little Rock, that place is Ciao. Ciao is the 7th Street restaurant's three rooms are a romantic spot for dinners as well as group gatherings with local artwork and photography. A varied menu focuses on amazing sauces, top cuts of fresh seafood, and desserts that are served in small and large portions. Fresh focaccia, served with various dips is a great way to begin the meal. It should also include the finest pesto sauce from the South.

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