MALAYSIA; Things You Need to Know

I do think that Malaysia had some of the best that Asia has to offer. It's friendly, yet modern, and progressive, yet traditional at the same time. Malaysia is clean and the people are disciplined and polite. It truly is a lovely place to visit.

It's a melting pot in the middle of Southeast Asia. You see Malays, Indians, Chinese, and westerners all in one place. There are traces of the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religions everywhere too. So diverse, but in such a different way.

I love it that Kuala Lumpur has a busy, bustling city life, but at the same time also has a truly traditional, old fashioned feel, as you can see from this statue that popped out in the middle of nowhere. I love it because the city feels safe. People seemed to usually go to bed early, and so we didn't go around too much at night, which was quite nice, for a change. But during the day, go for shopping galore. I bought a couple of new outfits at really affordable prices. And, if you are looking for quick places to eat, go visit the food markets which are open day and night.

Malaysia is also the country of incredibly beautiful orchids, such as this one right here. I saw white, purple, orangey, and yellow orchids, and some were even tiger striped. These happy little yellow ones were my favorite, though, and I saw them in many places. They never failed to make me smile.

DURIAN!!! King of the fruits. In my opinion, a person can have a truly love or hate hate relationship with this fruit. Some absolutely fall for the creamy taste that they can only describe as heavenly, while others can't get past the strong and very pungent smell. One caveat though: the smell of durian is unbelievably potent and it clings to everything--hair, clothing, other food, and so many airports absolutely forbid people to bring durian into the country, no matter how well-wrapped. And you will get charged a high fee (probably several hundred dollars) if you even try. So don't. Just visit Malaysia again and again if you fall in love with this delicious fruit. (Yes, I'm a fan of durian, can you tell?).

Malaysians are incredibly proud of the Petronas Twin Towers, which are the tallest twin in the world. And the towers have a cool connecting skybridge, which give you a great view of Kuala Lumpur. Our guide told us that two different companies from Korea and Japan built these towers, which is a fun fact to know.

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