Study Finds Wanderlust Is Written In Your Genes

I often wondered why some people seem to be addicted to traveling, while others can live with couple of vacations. I am somewhere in the middle, as I love traveling, but I also have to spend at least couple of months back home. But, opposed to my good friend and traveling companion, I never refuse strange foods. I also enjoy taking the less beaten path and discover the core of the place I visit.

My mother likes to travel, but she is not that dedicated to wanderlust. However, my father spent two years traveling before he went to college.

I know I’ve inherited the traveling bug from my father, but now a team of scientists proved that wanderlust is written in our genes.

Curio Collection by Hilton conducted a study to find out if the love for traveling can be passed on to the next generation. The results of the study were amazing: 20% of the world population has the so-called wanderlust gene, which makes them addicted to traveling. And not once-twice a year travel, but long-term travel!

The gene is linked to higher levels of curiosity, which makes sense: when you travel you are curious to discover new cultures and new places.

The researchers studied a group of influencers and created a method to classify the types of curiosities. Afterwards, they elaborated a quiz, which shows you what type of traveler you are. Based on the quiz, you can find the places where you should travel next. The aim of the quiz is to encourage people to travel.

By taking the quiz you can discover what type of traveler you are: the pathfinder, epicurean, culturalist, challenger or spiritualist.

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