10 Questions Smart Travelers Ask Before Visiting Anguilla (answered ! )


Anguilla is a part of the Leeward Islands which are the northern part of the Lesser Antilles islands.  They are all a part of the British West Indies which is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea. Anguilla is approximately 14 miles long, 3 miles wide, and 35 square miles.  You can see some of its neighboring islands from its beaches.  These islands separate the northern Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea to the south.  As you can see, Anguilla has memberships in several categories.  The United States is northwest of these islands and South America is to the southwest.   The Valley is its capital and one of Anguilla’s fourteen districts.

What is Anguilla known for?

Anguilla is known for having the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.  It also houses coral reefs and there is a lot of sailing.  It also known for its many open-air cafes and beach bars.  Some of them have been the backdrop of movies.  We know our movies. 

Is Anguilla safe in 2020? 

Anguilla is considered to be the safest out of all of its neighboring islands.   The locals have issues with crime, but usually, the tourists are safe.   Just as anywhere, you must be careful since you are not as familiar with the area as the locals.  There are incidents where teenage gang members have territorial fights, but this is not aimed at the tourists.

What’s the weather like?

Awesome.   Anguilla is ranked as having the best climate of all of the islands.    Anguilla is hot all year and the temp range is from 73 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 to 30 degrees Celsius. The breeze from the sea helps to bring the temp down during the hot periods. 

It has 3 seasons:   winter, summer and fall.  Winter occurs from December to April and is very sunny with decent temps.   Summer is from May to July and is sunny, hot and humid.   Fall is from August to November and is Anguilla’s hurricane season.  It is also the hottest time of the year and is very rainy. Although the annual precipitation is pretty low, when it rains, it RAINS.  The rains come in the form of thunderstorms or downpours. But the rainy season is still mostly sunny.    Interestingly, it might rain on one side of the island and be totally sunny on the other side.  Go figure.  

Anguilla has experienced its share of tropical storms, hurricanes and waterspouts.   The waterspouts are tornados over the sea and they do not touch the land and are pretty interesting to watch.  The hurricanes have caused great damage in the past to structures on the island.  Anguilla was badly damaged by Hurricane Irma in 1995, but later built concrete versus wooden structures and this has helped significantly.  Don’t be discouraged, the hurricanes are infrequent, but just so you know, hurricane season is from June to November, so plan accordingly.  Tourists are still encouraged to visit during this time since there is a remote chance that you will experience one, so it is up to you.

 What is the best time to visit Anguilla?

Anguilla’s official tourist season is during the winter from December to April.  It has great temps and it is dry.  There is also more action with festivals and other activities so it can get packed, so get your lodging and airfare reservations early at Trip.com .   Also keep in mind that, if there is a hurricane, if you visit from May to August, you will miss the worst period of the hurricane season.   Since the fall and summer seasons are less busy, you can get better prices.  It’s up to you.

How many days should I spend in Anguilla?

You are allowed to stay in Anguilla one month and can extend your stay month to month.  However, the average stay is three to 3 days.  Since it is not the biggest area, many tourists feel like they can engage in snorkeling and other activities within that time period.  Here is 3 Days Travel  itinerary for Antalya . Save it up and travel efficiently .

What's the best places to live Anguilla?

Anguilla is not called a resort town, yet it has several resorts.  There are many upscale hotels in the area. 

 Zemi Thai Beach House

it is on Shoal Bay on the east end of the island.  It houses the Stone Restaurant which serves the seafood directly from the sea.  It also has a spa.  Prices range from $421 to $440. 

Quintessence Hotel

It is a nine room ultra luxury establishment with incredible views of the sea.  Prices start at $750 a night. 

Frangipani Beach Resort

It is on Meads Bay Beach.  Prices range from $415 to $506 a night. 

Belmond Cap Juluca Resortis

on Mandalay Beach.  Prices range from $754 to $911 per night.

Malliouhana Hotel

It is above Turtle Cove and Meads Bay on the cliff and it averages around $499 a night. 

Cerulean Villa

in Barnes Bay has pricing is as follows:   High Season Rates$125,000 per week;  Low Season Rates: $100,000 per week;  Festive Season rates $170,000 per week - 2 weeks minimum. 

Las EsQuinas

It is a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast on a peninsula in Little Harbour.  Prices average at $50 per night.

Four Seasons Resort and Residence

Used to be the Viceroy Hotel and is located between Meads Bay and Barnes beaches.  Prices average $825 per night. 

What to do in Anguilla?

It’s all about the beaches!  You can swim, snorkel, kayak, and stand up paddle on most of the beaches. Meads Bay is very popular for these types of activities.  You can also lounge, eat and drink in the many open-air bars, cafes and restaurants.  Here are other fun things to do: 

The Anguilla National Trust

It offers walking tours cost for $50 per person and can take you anywhere on the island. Since 90 percent of the island is private, locals can take you on the less beaten tourist paths. 

Water tour

companies like Gotcha Garfield Sea Tours will take you to the areas that you can’t get to on land.  These trips last anywhere from 2 hours to half a day.  These tours allow you to swim and snorkel in areas like Little Bay.  Average prices are $95 to $265 per ride.

Get the spa treatment

At places like the hammam (steam room), hang out in their tropical gardens afterwards, and then come out feeling like a million bucks.   Prices range from $85 to $490.

Go horseback riding on the beach  

Sea Side Stables can pair you with the perfect horse which gives you another way to enjoy the area.    Prices range from $80 per person (3 person minimum)  for an hour ride;  full moon ride for $150 per person.  Pony rides are also available for $20 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes. 

How do you get around in Anguilla?

Taxi is the best way to travel in Anguilla.  Although the area is small, it is spread out and difficult, time consuming and exhausting to travel on foot.  Actually, the taxi drivers are some of the best tour guides.   You can find taxis at the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA), the Blowing Point Ferry Port, or you can call ahead for one to pick you up.  Anguilla’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar or ECD or XCD.  The conversion rate is $1 US Dollar= 2.700 Eastern Caribbean Dollar.  Their taxis are metered and the average taxi ride is approximately EC$20 or $7 US Dollars one way.


You can rent a car for approximately EC$53.76 or $20 US Dollars.  You can get a temporary driving permit by showing your US driver’s license.  The roads are unpaved and there are very few street signs.  That is why many tourists prefer to use taxis.  In Anguilla, they drive on the left as if you were in Britain.  You can purchase temporary driving permits to drive in Anguilla for 3 months for $27 USD.  Just show them your driver’s license and they will create one for you. 


The island’s ferry

It can take you on a 25-minute ride to St. Martin-St. Maarten for one day.   Boats leave from Anguilla's Blowing Point dock three times a day.  You will pay approximately EC$54 or $20 USD going one way. The last boat leaves St. Martin’s dock at 7 pm to return to Anguilla.  In addition to the base fare, you will also be accessed a departure tax of EC$53.60 or $20 US Dollars as well as an extra security fee.  This adds up so be prepared.  

Is Anguilla good for nightlife?

Anguilla’s night life takes place in its many open air bars and cafes and beach bars.  It is a down-to-earth and casual type of atmosphere.  So you can eat, drink and view the beautiful sea at the same time.  Honorable mentions include the Dune Preserve in The Valley, Johnno’s Place on Sandy Ground Beach, and Gwen’s Reggae Bar & Grill on Schoals Bay Beach.  The bars close anywhere from 7 pm to 11 pm. 

How expensive is Anguilla?

Anguilla is considered to be the second most expensive of its neighboring islands.  Hotel prices can range from $285 to $900 compared to Santo Domingo which averages $43 per night.   Airfare and other prices follow the same suit.  You can buy a good meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner from $5 to $50 per person depending on the restaurant.

In conclusion, even though it is a bit pricey, if you can afford it, Anguilla is a great place to relax and just chill in 2020.  It has incredible views of the Caribbean, beautiful beaches with white sand, good temps, good food, good people and good feelings.    It’s all good!  We say go for it!

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