Palma de mallorca : Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

Floating to the left of the Spain’s eastern border, in the western Mediterranean Sea, are the 5 Balearic Islands in the Balearic Sea.  The largest is Mallorca (pronounced Majorca by many English speakers).  Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Mallorca.  Actually, Spain has over 150 islands but these 5 Balearic Islands are the only ones that are inhabited.  The native languages that are spoken here are Spanish and Catalan. But don’t fear, several of the inhabitants also speak English, including many of the vendors .

In this article we will answer top 10 frequently asked question about Palma De Mallorca . You need to know all the answers before going there .

What is Palma de Mallorca known for?

Palma de Mallorca has 200 beaches from big to small.  It is known for an active beach community with several beachside restaurants, bars and cafes.  Besides beautiful beaches, Palma de Mallorca also has beautiful mountains vistas.   Cyclists love Mallorca’s smooth roads. The whole island accommodates cyclists so the roads are safe.  It has a lively night life which attracts people from all over Europe so the tourists are a diverse lot.

Is Palma safe in 2020? 

Palma de Mallorca is considered to be generally safe, even after dark. Yet, tourists are still warned to avoid walking alone at night in certain areas like El Terreno and Old Town.  The Balearic Islands are known to have clubs where people “do drugs”, so be cautious.

What part of Mallorca has the best beaches?

Remember, there 200 beaches in Palma de Mallorca!  So, we will list the top 5 beaches.

 Playa d'Alcudia Beach is in north Mallorca.  Your kids can play in a special play area that includes gym equipment and it has a really cool canal that runs aside restaurants and hotels.  Playa de Muro Beach is right next to Alcudia. It is considered to have the longest beach of all of the Baleiric islands.  Port de Pollença Beach is also located in Mallorca’s north and offers a pretty view of Mallorca’s mountains.  .   Palma Nova Beach is in southwest Mallorca known for having more of a “party atmosphere” where visitors enjoy the beach’s bars. Sant Elm Beach is in Mallorca’s southwest sector.  It is small and broken into 2 areas.  One has pretty smooth sand and the other has sand with sand gravel.  The latter is not as desirable to visit so less people will be there.  There is also a playground for the kiddies. 

How many days should you spend in Palma?

Two days would be sufficient if you just want a taste of Palma. However, most travellers prefer to spend at least 4 days here.  Here is 4 days itinerary for you . Save it and travel smartly .

What are the top things to do in Palma de Mallorca? 


Since Mallorca has 200 beaches, so you have your pick.  Just remember the top five that we listed above. 

2.Joan Miró’s studio 

Joan Miro was a Spanish sculptor and painter.  Barcelona has dedicated a museum him since he is a native.  However, he loved Mallorca and so there is also a museum dedicated to him here.

3.San Juan Mercado Gastronomico

Talk about all-inclusive! The Mercado has a range of cuisine from hamburgers, Thai, Japanese, French, seafood and the native llonguets or bread rolls.   It also has bars, a cafeteria and a cinema.  It is open all year, every day from noon to midnight and until 4 in the morning on weekends and holidays. 

4.Palma’s Old Town or “El Casco Antiguo”

contains many of the “must sees” which include La Seu Cathedral, the Royal Palace of Almudaina and the Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum.  It is like stepping back into the medieval ages.  Visit the ancient Arab Baths .

5.The Cathedral or Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

It was completed in 1601.  There are many cathedrals in Spain but this one is the most discussed.  It has amazing and original stained glass windows and is one of the most photogenic sites in Spain. You can view interesting Religious art the Cathedra.

6.Bellver Castle

It was built in the 1300s for King James II.  It is interesting because of its circular shape.  It was used as a prison and had famous guests.  It houses a museum which contains Arab, Spanish and artifacts from various periods.

What's the best places to live in Mallorca?

There are over a hundred hotels in Mallorca, so we have narrowed the list down to the top 5 places to live while you are in Mallorca.

1.Posada Terra Santa

Postada Terra Santa is housed in a historic mansion that is 500 years old.  It is categorized as a “boutique hotel”. It is adjacent to the 13th century Cathedral and a few minutes’ walk to the sea.  It has a gym. a highly acclaimed restaurant and library.

2.Innside By Melia Palma Bosque

Iis close to a lot of our “must see” sights such as Bellver Castle, as well as the beach.  There is a minibar in each room and it is close to Barrio de Santa Catalina which is a highly rated restaurant but it also houses.

3. HM Balanguera

Since the HM Balanguera Hotel is located so close to the city center, the majority of our “must see” sites are within walking distance.

4.Gran Melia Victoria

Gran Melia Victoria sits on the seafront and is very close to Old Town, so you can get great views of the the Bay

5. Palma Suites Hotel Residence

Palma Suites is located in Old Town. It has been decorated in a Nordic style and has heated flooring, breakfast, and a gym.  Shops and bars are close by.  It also offers an amazing view of Palma from its roof.

You can book all this amazing hotels from with great discount .

Is Mallorca good for nightlife?

Uh . . . yeah.   There are restaurants and bars all over this island but many sit in the main square.  Playa de Palma and Palma have many bars.  Also, check out the Paseo Maritimo at the marina.  Placa Mercat and Placa Major have nice cocktail bars and they serve tapas, too.  The more “international” style bars are in La Llonja, whereas the more private theme bars are in Apuntadors , Sant Joan and Carrer de Jaume Ferrer. 

Let’s not forget the marinas on the ports.  The restaurants have outdoor seating which gives you perfect views of the sunset and then you can go and get “your drink and party on” at the various bars. 

The bars in the old town tend to stay open until 1am or 2am, so if you are looking to extend your night, you'll have to head down towards the marina.

Is Mallorca family friendly?

Yep.  The whole island is pretty much kid/family friendly.  Your children would can enjoy the beaches, and restaurants are “kid-friendly”.  Children in Mallorca are used to staying up late so many of the bar-restaurants are used to serving children and are accessible to their needs.  Diaper brands that are available in Palma are Pampers and Heinz.  These diapers cost mucho so you might want to bring a lot of your own.  Soft baby food is available is most grocery stores, although they will probably be different brands than you are used to. 

Are there snakes in Majorca?

Yes, and they are just as creepy there.   However, they are harmless.  All of the snakes in the area were imported by humans.  Their population on Mallorca has grown because the snakes come looking food and  have no natural enemies, besides humans.  There are several “snake traps” on the island.  Beware because even though they are not poisonous, their bites hurt.  Okay, can we talk about something else now?

How do you get around in Palma?

There is no travel by air or boat in Palma.  So, besides your legs, you can


Rent bicycles or order rides from a bike-hire business which would cost anywhere between €10 and €30 per day depending on what type of bike you want. 


There are 5 bus routes In Palma.   The 100s cover southwest;  200s cover the west;   the 300s take care of the north and centre in the City;  400s cover the east coast and a portion of the centre;  and the 500s run in the south.  So, for example, Bus Route 110 goes to a destination in the southwest, et al.  Most of the bus route distances are short but some can take up to two hours.  


Car-hire or car rental average between €40 and €70 per day.  Many  companies are available throughout town and at the airport.  They have all of the major brands like, Hertz and Avis.  You can also choose from regionally known companies.

In conclusion, aside from the snake thing, Palma de Mallorca has rich Iberian/Spanish history, Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful sites.  If you are a “water person” you will love splashing in the clear Mediterranean sea and then later eating at one of their many restaurants, bars or cafes.  It is easy to get around the island since various types of transportation are readily available and the majority of the tourist attractions are close enough with low traveling time. Since tourists are coming from all over Europe, the diversity is interesting.  We say go for it! For best flight deals keep  an eye on AirfareWatchDog 

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