Sri Lanka 2023 : Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

In this article we have answered top 10  frequently asked questions about Sri Lanka . You need to know the answers before visiting Sri Lanka .

Sri Lanka was named the best country in the world to visit by Lonely Planet in 2019 nearly ten years after the end of its civil war. The explanation why South Asia has been chosen for the top spot in the annual Best in Travel award guidebook publisher is better to transport links, new hotels and an ever-growing amount of activities. Here is the answers you need to know before visiting Sri Lanka . 

Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists in 2020?

Since the conclusion of the 26-year war, the Sri Lankan Tourist Authority expects to double its tourism visit in Sri Lanka from 447 890 in 2009 to a constant level of 2.1 million in the past year. For the first time since 1990, upgrades of the railway gave access to Jaffna and a large portion of north–an area previously considered too unsafe for tourists. Sri Lankan snakes, which are a majority of the World’s most dangerous and found in populated places, you do not need much to think about. Many have never really seen a snake in Sri Lanka, apart from small ones on top of Sigiriya.

Coronavirus travel update

Most of the continent Asia is the lesser hit part of the world by this global pandemic. However, everyone is waiting for the Corona free world because mostly undeveloped countries which cannot fight with this problem for a long time and developed countries will face economy issues. Sri Lanka is an amazing destination for a lot of international tourists and it is the major part of their economy. So far, it is among the lesser hit countries that contained the disease by taking strict precautions. They restricted international and domestic flights immediately as the first case appeared. Most of the cases are in the travel returned people which are kept in quarantine. The government has imposed a curfew on all the major cities and complete ban on any public and commercial activity. There are no deaths recorded yet and it is expected that the country will be able to face this hit successfully. After the pandemic Sri Lanka is a good place to plan a visit. Having tourism as the major industry, the country will focus more on the care for their visitors.

What is Sri Lanka famous for?

Sri Lanka has a great and rich culture, which has proven to be a significant tourist attraction. In this state, there is plenty to explore and experience. For a great experience, you can even go shopping in this place. Gems, tea, craft, antiques, pottery, leather products and more can be bought.

Is it worth going to Sri Lanka?

Yes since Sri Lanka is truly magnificent and will suit the needs of any visitor with its most important tourist attractions. The small nation on the island is full of surfing and trekking adventures.

Several highly religious sites and incredible historical relics are available for the religious devotee in Sri Lanka.

Yet Sri Lanka's incredible natural beauty cannot be challenged by anyone. Whether it's a beautiful surf break, a visit to a historic place or a pilgrimage, tropical and lush greenery are never far away.

Which is the best month to visit Srilanka?

In short, the best time to visit western and southern shores and hills is from December to March and from April / May to September is the best weather on the eastern shore.

The west and south coastline of Chilaw to the west, the capital of Colombo to the south and Galle to the southwest is the best area to visit between October and March.

If you are looking for a dip in the sea, the plan on your vacation in the calm sea from January to March. Another advantage is that you most frequently see Blue and Sperm Whales during these months.

Party participants should visit in April for the "New Year" festival of Sinhala & Tamil Nadu. It marks the end of the cinnamon harvest season in Sri Lanka. The festival usually lasts about one week and features a variety of events–both cultural and gastronomic.

How many days should I spend in Sri Lanka?

We advocate for about two weeks in terms of how long you wish to spend in Sri Lanka. In Colombo and Kandy for one to two days each, view Sigiriya on your way towards Anuradhapura (one to two days), two to three days spent while in  Nuwara Eliya, 2-3 days at the coast (whether in Arugam Bay, or in Galle / Mirissa), if you intend to go to the wilderness (take into consideration weather conditions), you will be able to take a journey that seems like 1-2 days in Colombo . Here is 9 Days Sri Lanka Travel Itinerary for You . Save it up and travel efficiently .

What are the top things to do in Sri lanka?

The surfing scene in Sri Lanka has grown steadily with more coastal access and tour operators now have jungle walks alongside traditional Ayurveda therapies for yoga breaks. In northeast Trincomalee, the clifftop of Koneswaram Kovil includes a large number of free attractions, including the vibrant puja ritual; Columbus's principal market in Pettah; and the fortified city walls in south Gallee's colonial old city

What is the best place to live in Srilanka?

A major investment has been made in new tourist accommodation: from homestays to eco retreats of the high end–like the cocoon-like buildings of the Wild Coast Lodge in Yala National Park. New properties are all being opened by top international hotel networks, including Grand Hyatt, Shangri-La, Sheraton, Mövenpick just to mention a few.

Whether you are in the pocket, or you enjoy luxury, the favorite traveler of Sri Lanka is no dearth of hotels. Among others, the Uga Bay, Amanwella, the Queen's, and the Hidden Kandy are some of Srilanka's best hotels, as well as Grand Udawalawe Safari and Helga's Folly.

Many new hotels, including some beach resorts, such as modern KK Beach and its Beach club near Habaraduwa, have opened in recent years. Also the Tri, the trendy Chena Huts and the stunning Anantara resorts and the Owl and the Pussycat boutique.  can help you with getting cheap accommodations ,villas and vacation rentals . whether you're on vacation, or on your business trip .

Is Srilanka good for nightlife?

The main attraction in Sri Lanka is not nightlife. Bars, night clubs and casinos are quite busy in larger towns, but there is little to do at night except having a drink in a hotel bar in smaller destinations.

Keep an eye on everything and especially beach boys who dress casually, but smartly. The best nightlife on the island is on the West Coast.

What should I eat and drink in Sri Lanka?

The omnipresent rice and curry, the core food of almost every man, woman, and child of the island, served in every café or restaurant throughout the country. A bowl of truly good rice and curry in Sri Lanka can be an unforgettable experience. Nevertheless, it is notable that it has no similarity to northern Indian classic curries. Typical curry sauces from Sri Lanka (commonly called Kiri hodhi/ milk gravy) are made using chili-filled coconut milk and other spices, much more than anything you'll find in the North American country, like a Thai green or roasted curry.

Sri Lanka's most delicious snack, a called hopper (appa), traditionally made of a batter with the coconut milk and palm baby, is a small bowl-like pancake and is eaten generally for both breakfasts or even dinners. Hopper is baked in a small wonky pan, which ensures that most of the mixes sink to the bottom so that they are thin, doughy and narrow on the edges.

Sri Lanka has a vibrant drinking culture–the versatile coconut produces two more styles of distinctly regional drinks. Toddy is a non-alcoholic beverage, distilled from the coconut plant, which ferments into a drink vaguely reminiscent of cider. Sold informally in villages around the world, but it is difficult to track if you are traveling with a Sinhala speaker. If the Sri Lanka national beverage, which is to be fermented and refined, children produce a range of arracks (33% evidence), you won't go far before you find a bundle of voluble Sri Lankans who are clustered around a bottle. Arrack is drunk clean, mixed with a coke or lemonade, or used as a basis for cocktails in tourist-oriented bars and restaurants. It is available in many different degrees and is typically a dark brown, though brands like White Diamond and the White Label are also white. Imported spirits are widely available, however costly. The local versions of most spirits, e.g. raw bourbon, brandy, rum and vodka and several brands of a rather palatable citrus gin are also available.

How do you get around in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka's scenic railways are now widely believed to be among the world's best.

In recent years, motorways have been built to the south, and domestic flight routes have also increased. Recently, Uber revealed that it will now be able to offer its intercity service to all Sri Lankan cities. So you can now go to Ella, Riverston or the Great West with  Uber. Uber is not the first hail app that provides excursions from Colombo, however, instead, there are three other cab rides we heard about for trips outside Colombo which are PickMe and Taxiyak.

So, do you want to relax on a hammock lazily? Would you like all the anxieties to go? So, then your greatest cure is a trip to Sri Lanka in 2020. Sri Lanka has so much to come, with its uncontaminated beaches, mosaic and picturesque topography. Once you have your Visa you can go ahead and book your flight to Sri Lanka. If you are looking for luxury flights you should use Qatar Airways where booking your dream vacation as never been simpler.

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So pack your bags and let's go visit Sri Lanka's best tourist spots in 2020.

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