Quarantine Motivation: 6 Best Countries to Visit after Corona Outbreak


The information of the corona virus is evolving every day and the diversity increasingly confuses the situation. The governments cannot assure when will it be possible to see Corona free world. Some top destinations are not safe to travel even after the Corona virus slows down like Italy, China, US, Iran and other places where the graph is very high. However, we have created a list of places which will be a bit safer as compared to the other places of the world. These countries had lesser cases or they contained the virus successfully because of different measures.

Sri Lanka

Most of the continent Asia is the lesser hit part of the world by this global pandemic. However, everyone is waiting for the Corona free world because mostly undeveloped countries which cannot fight with this problem for a long time and developed countries will face economy issues. Sri Lanka is an amazing destination for a lot of international tourists and it is the major part of their economy. So far, it is among the lesser hit countries that contained the disease by taking strict precautions. They restricted international and domestic flights immediately as the first case appeared. Most of the cases are in the travel returned people which are kept in quarantine. The government has imposed a curfew on all the major cities and complete ban on any public and commercial activity. There are no deaths recorded yet and it is expected that the country will be able to face this hit successfully. After the pandemic Sri Lanka is a good place to plan a visit. Having tourism as the major industry, the country will focus more on the care for their visitors.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka


There are some must visit places in Sri Lanka which you can enjoy and relax.

  • Pettah floating market
  • Colombo
  • Madu River
  • Temple of tooth relic
  • Glen falls
  • Tea Factory
  • Dutch Fort
  • Mirissa
  • Hikkaduwa
  • Pinnawala Elephant orphanage


Before the Corona outbreak, the people of Japan were enjoying “Hanami” the famous cherry blossom time when the tourism of the country is also on peak. The pink splendor made them carefree from all the worries whereas the Corona virus shown drastic spread. Initially the cases in Japan increased heavily each day. The spread was more critical because it is one of the countries with highest number of senior citizens and proximity with China. The Japanese government immediately closed schools, organizations and public events. Employees were asked to work from home. A big reason for the decrease in Covid19 cases in Japan is their lifestyle. They bow instead of shaking hands, wear masks in daily routine especially if someone is suffering from respiratory problem or normal flu. They also take care of their basic hygiene and teach that to their kids from early age. The businesses and markets had sanitizers on the entrance during the very early stage of virus spread. The routine life of Japan is returning back but with extra precautions so it is expected that people can travel to Japan after the pandemic is over. Currently the foreign residents of Japan are allowed to come back to the country whereas they have to complete the fourteen days’ quarantine period first. Japan is famous for its culture and traditions along with a number of natural wonders.

Places to visit in Japan:

Some places to visit in Japan to have a perfect relaxing time. These areas are less crowded and amazing.

  • Naoshima Island
  • Asakusa Cultural center
  • Odaiba Island
  • Ueno Park
  • Yokohama
  • Hitsujiyama Park
  • Kamakura
  • Mount Fuji
  • Shirakawago village
  • Kyoto Bamboo forest


Vietnam is a tropical country that is visited by a large number of tourists for Natural wonders, amazing food, rich culture and history. During the pandemic wave Vietnam was also affected but luckily according to Vietnamese government all the patients have recovered and there is no death reported. Two factors worth mentioning about Vietnam is that It is not a very developed rich country and there are no fatalities in case of a pandemic. They controlled the virus with the help of their well-organized security services and military. The school and other organizations were immediately closed when the pandemic started appearing. Then they restricted the flights from other countries along with a 14day quarantine for travelers and infected people. There is a strong surveillance system that helped to arrest around 800 people for spreading fake news and wrong doings. People also inform the authorities if they have any infected person in neighborhood. It seems that after the pandemic is over people can travel to Vietnam with the basic precautionary measures.

Places to visit in Vietnam

  • Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son
  • Temple of Literature
  • Cu Chi tunnels
  • Mekong Delta
  • Hoi An ancient town
  • My Son Sanctuary
  • Cham Island
  • Phuoc Lam Pagoda
  • The Perfume River
  • Quan Cong Temple


Singapore has a rich culture and history that is admired all around the world. People from everywhere visit the country to attend their festivals and events. It is known as a celebrity destination because major parts of Singapore are exclusive and very expensive. Singapore got the Corona virus from some visitors whereas the country contained the wave of Covid19 strongly. They restricted travel, public gatherings and put a ban on all the events and festivals. Another reason for the control of patients in Singapore is their extensive and sophisticated tracing program. The investigation police department was also appointed to help in the control of this virus. They put infected people and their closer ones in quarantine when it started appearing. They also tracked the people interacted with the infected person immediately. It is expected that after having the Corona free world, it will be nice to visit Singapore.

Places to visit in Singapore

  • Marina Bay
  • Universal studios Singapore
  • Botanic gardens
  • Singapore zoo
  • Sentosa Island
  • Orchard road
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Clarke Quay
  • Raffles hotel
  • China town

New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country and it is becoming successful in containing the virus. There are lesser number of cases reported. Because of implementing the immediate precautions, the country is on a road to recover. The outbreak is appearing to be declining. They took different precautions like restricting on shaking hands, doing hongi (the local greeting by touching nose) and travelers to self-quarantine themselves immediately. Prime minister of New Zealand gave a speech to explain all the rules to stop the pandemic and told them that this time will be over as they already fought a lot of issues. People received payments from the government to stop working and it included the immigrants so people faced no issues in staying in quarantine. As the pandemic is getting controlled in the country, it is expected that this place in Oceania will be able to welcome its tourists soon after the threat of Covid19 is over.

Places to visit in New Zealand

Some pleasant sites and activities in New Zealand are:

  • Muriwai beach Auckland
  • Takapuna beach
  • Great barrier island
  • Mahurangi west
  • Taranaki
  • Milford sound
  • Wanaka
  • Matapouri northland
  • Piha
  • Mount cook


Cambodia is so far among the safe countries to contain the Covid19 infections. There are very less cases of infected people with no deaths recorded. A big reason is that the Cambodian government immediately took action and restricted visitors from US, Italy and other countries highly effected by Corona virus. Cambodia also sent the people on ship directly to the hotel for quarantine instead of accessing their houses. Most of the infected patients were foreigners. Health screening and testing system was also implemented at the airports on early stages. The other precaution they took was shutting down the schools to avoid disease spread. They stopped the guests from Germany and Australia to get into the country. So far, Cambodia has very less spread of the infection that is on the road to recovery. It will be able to welcome its visitors again very soon to explore the rich culture and history.

Places to visit in Cambodia

Some best places to visit in Cambodia are:

  • Kratie Town
  • Siem Reap
  • Sihanoukville Snorkeling
  • Koh Ker
  • Angkor
  • Koh Rong
  • Mondulkiri
  • Central Market
  • Preah vihear
  • Tonle Sap Lake

 Most affected areas

The areas which faced the strongest hit of the disease were the major tourist countries where people visit frequently for vacation and business. The lesser affected countries which are still working on controlling are Maldives and Thailand. After the decrease of the pandemic threat US, China, Italy, Spain and other major hit countries are not suggested to be visited for a while. Asia and Africa are not only the lesser hit continents but Asia is mostly visited by the backpackers. Currently the borders of different destinations are closed and people are staying at home. However, it is the high time to learn some sustainable tourism tips and hacks along with making a travel diary to start after the pandemic is over.

How can you be productive in Quarantine

You can get a lot of benefits from this quarantine and social distancing time.

  • Make a travel diary and start writing the places you want to travel in Corona free world.
  • Create a small blog where you can write your stories and travel ideas.
  • Learn some DIY and hacks to be productive on travel or to manage the things by yourself.
  • Physical distancing is necessary but you can stay connected with your loved ones through social media.
  • You can learn some easy to make dishes and snacks to use your skills while travelling.

Tips for travelling after Corona Outbreak

There are several things which should be kept in mind after the pandemic is over

  • It is important to keep the basic hygiene in practice
  • Avoiding the crowded places while travelling or if you want to see some specific place then decide a time when there are less people.
  • Carry a mask, gloves and protective glasses with you. If you are travelling in public transport, then wear a mask.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth when your hands are not clean.
  • Try to carry some wipes in alcohol with you to clean the surfaces before sitting if you doubt that they are dirty.
  • Keep your cash separately in different places and never mix it with the one you get from ATM machine or people. Clean your hands after handling the money.
  • Make trips shorter or try to travel to the nearby places from where you can get home easily after there are less chances of pandemic.
  • Avoid renting used scuba diving, snorkeling or other activity gears to stay safe.
  • Carry the basic medication with you and avoid panic in case of minor flu or cough during travel. Rather consult a doctor to discuss the symptoms.
  • Practice the 14day quarantine after you get back from the travel.

The above countries and their destinations are selected according to the lesser number of infected people and the crowds at their attractions. Most of the places are natural landmarks, islands, beaches and historical treasures where the areas are open with limited crowds. You can plan a visit to these destinations by keeping the basic precautions in practice.

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